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Monday, April 2, 2018

Have you heard about Animals in a cup?

- Daily item
- RIM Redo
- Edits
Hey jammers!
I am here again:) Tomorrow is school which means unfortunately less posts again...
Oh well:P Anyways, so yesterday since part way through the post I had stopped to eat supper. I start to walk into the kitchen and see a giant sheep stuffy on the table in the middle. Last year I had gone to a store and saw these huge sheep stuffies. So after easter I had went to get it if it was on sale, instead I got 2 miniature versions of it since they only costed like a dollar each. I was hoping to get the big one this year. Basically...  I got it for EASTER!! Now it temporarily lives on my bed. Next year I would like to get other colours of the sheepers... ( yes I call them sheepers... don't judge. Also don't judge why I still like stuffies...) So yeah:) Today I finished my chibi cat art and also read. Almost done the book, its called Everland and its been pretty good so far. I like it a lot:)
So yeah that's been my day. How has your guy's day been?
Do anything interesting? 

Daily Item:
Today we have the rare dizzy stars hat sold in epic wonders for 863 gems!
Oh my goodness, AJ really tricked me with this. I honestly thought it was in the april fools party so I was waiting like an hour for the party to happen. Then I go there and can't find it. So I end up asking my friend House and she says its in the hot cocoa hut XD Wow. 
This is a little bit expensive but oh well:P

Here is what it looks like on a bunny:

Rim Redo:
I don't actually feel like an editing an image right now but I would change the colour so that there is swirls or something that makes it look even more dizzy and I would change the colours of the stars to a yellowish white tone. 

Im sure by now you all have heard about cake in a cup or mug, cupcake in a cup, coffee in a cup, tea in a cup, any fluid in a cup... 
BUT!! WAIT!! Your probably thinking why are you telling us this useless information Violet.
Just wait and see..


Fox in a cup?

Octopus in a cup?

Koala in a cup?

Well now you have:) All animals can be in a cup!!

As you can see I actually had a proper edit to do this week.
What I did basically was find an animal jam graphic online, and a cup as well. I put th animal on top of the cup and then erased the excess that was shown. Then VOILA YOU HAVE AN ANIMAL IN A CUP:D 
Isn't that just amazing?
Its simple and quick!!! Just what everyone wants right?



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