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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Things that motivate me to post!

- Daily item 
- Violet's drawing
- Things that motivate me to post
Hey jammers!
Sorry for not posting this past week I have been busy with school and studying for a geography test that happened Thursday. I didn't really have any homework this week either but yeah. Next week I have a 4 day weekend due to easter! Soooo YIPEEEEEEEE XD Ive been falling a bit behind in tech because everything I always need to do is being occupied by other people or other things which really frustrates me.  There is my life cause nothing interesting really happened so... yay? XD 

Now on a bit more of a serious note.... so please read. 
This may and probably will cause me trouble to type but you don't need to worry... 
Recently, I guess you could say I haven't really been in the mood for posting on this blog. Don't get me wrong I like posting and still enjoy doing it but posting a lot(guess I don't really with school) I don't know, I wanna do other things. So yeah:) I also find that im not having as much fun with the game as I used too, to simplify that it gets boring sometimes don't get me wrong I still enjoy playing it but yeah.. Also whenever Im on not many of my buddies are on either so there isn't to much to do, I guess im not really sure.Yeah, I guess thats what happens when you play for almost 5 years straight and get older XD 
So yeah. I just wanted to sort that out. Also with having a bunch of other interests you kinda wanna focus on doing those things and not things you do a bunch for example this blog, which I kinda do more XD 
Don't worry I don't plan on quitting any time soon. Just wanted to get that out.
Hope you guys understand!!
Thats kinda why I have that poll now with the daily posting schedule topics and just a list of those topics. So yeah please vote on those! 

Anyways let's get on with this post....
Daily Item:
Today we have the returning flower tail sold in jam mart clothing for 800 gems!
Aaah, this is always such a nice item and tail item. 
The flowers give it a nice touch but it does cost 800 gems which I must admit is a little bit expensive. 
I wish there was solid colours for this item as well, instead of mixed colours.

Here is what it looks like on an arctic fox:
It actually looks quite nice. If it was only solid colours than it would look quite good with this outfit!
Violet's Drawing:
A while ago recently, (awhile ago recently? That doesn't make any sense XD) I posted a drawing that I was working on that was almost done. 
So here it is finished:
I really like it honestly!
Now I need another picture suggestion.
Got any ideas? If so comment them down below and I will make sure to draw them!!

*There is no howl of the week this week because I am pretty sure no one answered it last week, if so then im sorry, make sure to check out the question from last week and comment your howls down*

What motivates me to post/blog:
Not really sure what to post today so I thought since this is kinda serious related post in a way I thought I could list a few things that motivate me to post!
- Readers of the blog
- Enjoyment of blogging 
- Enjoyment of AJ
- My friends on AJ
- Different expierences
- Myself

So yeah that is just a few!
That is all for today jammers!
See ya soon !


  1. I so get that Vi, sometimes posting about AJ seems more like a chore then something fun.

    That masterpiece is super cool :O

    1. Yay, I’m not alone:) Thanks for understanding!

      Thank youuuuuu. I really like it too

  2. I totally feel ya, Violet! It takes me a long time to write posts nowadays so it's hard to dedicate up to two hours to typing. And because school tires me out a lot, I've found that I can only make a regular posting schedule when my school is on break lol

    I still think about AJ a lot, though, even if I haven't been online for a week. Last night I had a dream that my math teacher had an Animal Jam blog and I felt so sad when I woke up XD it would be weird if it was real, but also kinda cool? Idk. :P

    You don't have to post everyday to have a cool blog, Violet! Just posting whenever you feel like it is fine~ :D



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