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Friday, March 2, 2018

Polar Arctic

- Jamaa Journal Update 

Hey jammers!
For some reason I feel like it's Saturday today... Probably cause I had today off due to all the snow that had fallen and caused school to be cancelled. Let me just say, there was a lot:D I love snow its sooo pretty and beautiful! I was actually suppose to have 2 quizzes today which are happening on Monday now. Also sorry I haven't posted much. Although you guys probably know why... School.... I have a unit test on friday for science so there probably wont be any posts within the days of monday-thursday of next week. Friday though there should be. I will also try to post every day the week after that since it is march break and I have a whole week off. YIPEE! So next week in art we art starting to make clay creative containers so my idea is a panda holding bamboo which is the container part and yeah. We also made pinch pots in art this week. We were also working on our trinket boxes in tech too. So yeaaas. So today I did some winter photography outside with my sister. Then a bunch of science homework which isn't even done yet and then I read.
Words cannot explain how much I can't wait until march break!

Jamaa Journal Update:
While I am here right now making a post how about we check out yesterday's Jamaa Journal Update?
Polar arctic foxes have arrived. Basically just a new arctic fox with a pattern.
They are cool though so. 

A new structure has been added in balloosh. 
 When I visited it, it seemed quite bare and empty. I could be wrong though. I guess it is kinda cool though and nice especially the outside of it. Hopefully more gets added to it though!

What is your opinion on the temple of the ancients?

The lucky castle is back as well as lucky clovers. I actually like the lucky castle a lot. Its not to big nor to small and it can kinda be used like an all year round den.

Just a remind for dash tag. I know this is a remake of temple run and other games like that but its just so fun and my favourite of those kinds of games.  I mean theres lots of upgrades and lots of pets to catch and so many lands to visit. I noticed that the lands you travel through are from aj like coral canyons, sarepia forest, mt. shiveer and more. Hopefully they continue to add new features too it. 

Ancient armour has arrived as well as more mannequins!

Call of the alphas part is back:)

Lucky day and lucky items are back as well!

I rate this update a... 
(Even though a lot of it was returning stuff XD)
 Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon:)

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