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Monday, February 5, 2018

My Little falling animation and more what do you see challenges

- RIM 
- Rim Redo
- Edit/animation of coyote falling
- More what do you see challenges
-LPOTM sign ups reminder
Hey jammers!
It is me Violet here again posting! Well today was my first day in semester two it was kinda boring cause it was like an introductory to all the classes. But for science we have a quiz every Friday and this friday I have  quizzes cause of Geography and science which is nice isn't it?
But tomorrow in art we are getting taught how to draw and we are doing a realism drawing which I excited to do!! Also got my exam marks back today... Did pretty good. So in math I got 87% which is good because my goal was to get atleast an 80%. Then in english an 87% as well and then in french since the exam is broken into 4 parts the part that we did on the exam day was the writing part and reading and those two combined are an 88.5 so an 89%. I think my english teacher was happy with what i got cause she said I have come far and have started to show improvement!!
Anyways I am quite happy with those marks cause they are like high 80's which is good:) I mean in the 80's is pretty good in all but still.

Okay let's get on with todays post shall we?

Daily Item:
Today we have the rare friendship wand sold in jam mart clothing for 875 gems!
Wow this is actually a lot for just a wand.
Don't know what AJ was trying to show here XD But it's um.... interesting.

Here is what it looks like on a snow leopard:
Rim Redo:
Okay so I changed the price to 400 gems and the colours of the wand so it is more valentines day themed.

Mini animation edit:
Okay this didn't exactly turn out how I had planned.
I wanted it to show the coyote falling through air. Which in a way I guess it kinda did. But it shows the multiple coyotes. Maybe I will fix this next week or tonight if I have time! 

So basically how I did this was I took screenshots and then I added the coyote picture to each layer I made. Then I exported it as a gif. There ya have itXD

Oh if any of you have suggestions for edits feel free to comment them down below.
Mini Challenge:
Okay I have a few more of these things from yesterday except they are just the 3 words you see first. Don't worry they are not the same as yesterday.
So for this one I got, love, happiness and freedom. 
Then after I saw intelligence and beauty.
Well I guess I do want love happiness and freedom, I mean who wouldn't?

Ummm I saw pilot first.
Nope don't wanna be a pilot thanks. I'd probably cause a plane or helicopter crash in every flight.
Oh I did another and it said architect and marine bioligist which i could kinda see myself being cause I love the marine animals:)

This one is just for fun. I could read it... Guess I have a strong mind?;)

I can't wait to see all of your comments on what you got! These are actually fun and it'd be pretty cool if any of you found some more and commented them below too!

*also forgot to mention if you are nominating someone it must be someone who reads this blog*

Thats all for today jammers!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post:)
See ya around in Jamaa!!

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