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Saturday, January 27, 2018

The snow alphas quick reviews

- Daily Item
- Weekly Masterpiece
- Signatures created by Kara
Hey jammers!
Guess who is back once again and who survived her very first exam??
It is me:) The one and only Violet86271.
So yeah, I had my first exam yesterday for french... I think I did pretty good but honestly now I am kinda worrying. Anyways I was working on a math review and my essay for my english exam this week all afternoon and part of the evening so I decided to come on the computer cause I honestly did not want to do anymore. I have my math exam on Tuesday and I am kinda nervous it is also worth like 20-25% of my final mark soooo. I guess thats the main thing that makes me nervous for exams....
Anywho, I dont have an exam on wednesday so yipee. I am probably seeing the death cure on thursday since my friend wasn't able to yesterday, sooo WOO HOO!!! I did just realize though that commissions on the top of my blog is spelt wrong... oh well it will be fixed one day... 
I finally started to delete some screenshots on the laptop I use:D  Which is good, then I am gonna folder the things I want to save and are important to me... Hmmm what else. Oh yeah, I was gonna get my mom and brother to get me a new membership tonight but they are apparently sold out. I also think the toys r us near doesn't have AJ toys anymore but I am not 100% sure.... I feel like i had to say a few more things but I think I should end it here cause yeah:)

Daily Item:
Today we have the ALPHA ICE SCULPTURES!!
(yes I am aware that not all of these were released today or any) But I thought I could do a quick review for some reason because I am to lazy to search for the new item today...
So first of all I like these they are very snowy and wintery and yeah. I am glad that aren't in epic wonders though. Hmmm 850 is actually a good price. They don't really have any eyes with pupils which is kinda scary and yeaahhhhhh..
What do you guys think of these?

Weekly Masterpiece:

This week's masterpiece is from....
CONGRATS on getting your masterpiece featured!! 
I really  like how AJ styled this is. It reminds a lot of the barn den we have.
Its very cool too! Good JOb!!

I also saw a lot of masterpieces made by this jammer in the den and they are very good.

Signatures From Karalee:
Sorry if you guys have been wanting a jamaa exploration for awhile. I just haven't really felt like posting one and I need a list of places to exploreXD 

Anywho, a friend of mine does art commissions on The animal jam friendship community and the animal jam artists collab, so I requested a signature and she gave me 2 versions.
I thought I would post them here since I usually post AJ related art that I request and receive.

I love them both Kara!! I think I may just use them evenly:) Hopefully? Until I get a new signature that is.... XDD Thanks again!!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon:)

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