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Friday, October 13, 2017

Club Geoz is, DEAD.

- Jamaa Journal Update
Hey jammers! 
I am back again on this blog because yesterday... THE BLOG IT 100 000 PAGE VIEWS!!! Well I have a post planned sometime soon hopefully tomorrow if everything works out for the 100 000 pageviews celebration. I just need to figure when I am going to have the party. I also wanna add another thing or 2 for the celebration so..... I just need to figure that stuff out. The real reason I am her e today though is.... is.... is....... um..... I wanted to post.... 

Admit it guys, did I just scare you? A tiny bit? 

So yesterday was the jamaa journal update and let's just say a lot of stuff went down. 

Also random question, have any of you ever used medibang paint or use it currently? I think I am gonna download it to try it but I need feedback so.
Jamaa Journal:
NO! Club geoz!! Why are you no more???? Okay, but in all honesty, they better bring it back if not redo it and make it more awesome cause if they don't they are not doing a wise move. 

Falcons have returned:D

PHANTOMIZER:O WE CAN ALL BE PHANTOMS NOW! We shall take over the land of jamaaXD I like this item a lot I wish it was for nonmembers though:(

Spooky party is back as well as pet bats. I used to dress one of my animals up every year for halloween and decorate my haunted mansion but I haven't really had much time to do so. Maybe I will do that after this post. But Boxmonster is technically already prepared if you know what I mean.

Just a reminder about the animal jam stickers.

RED PANDAS ARE COMING:D I love red pandas so this is really awesome to me! Except my membership will be gone by the time this is done. But I might get (probably) a membership in november again so yeah.

You can now get an arctic fox with the bonus gift cards now yay!! 
I used think paying like 16 dollars was nice when you would get the animal and bonus with it for free. Now they added like a few dollars extra for this.

Reminder about how you can make cool costumes and lynx are travelling.

I rate this update a 7/10.

And here is what club geoz looks like now:
If you click the purple flag with the music note, there is a hidden shop where you can get hat headphones thing. 

Now I must go since boxmonster wants to make a halloween post;)

So be prepared to have a big 100 000 page views celebration post coming soon hopefully this weekend๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Thats all for today jammers! See ya soon!!
- Violet

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