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Thursday, October 5, 2017

A couple world animal day facts

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Hey jammers!
Guess what? Its my 4 day weekend cause of thanksgiving:D Cause since I am canadian we have thanksgiving this weekend instead of in November. Anyways, I have lots planned to do and I don't have much homework which is always good. Today in English we had to write an opinion piece which was basically an essay in one period which is 1hr and 15 mins. I finished just on time thankfully. So yes. How was your day guys? Anything interesting happen? 
You guys: ......
Hmmmm sounds interesting guys.

Let's get onto this post! Also don't forget to vote on the polls!!

Daily Item:
Today we have the new jack-o-lantern wall sticker sold in jam mart furniture for 300 gems!
I actually love all the halloween items AJ has this year. To bad I have less than a month left with my membership and still need to work on that movie theatre den which I need like 10 000 gems for... WAIT I STILL HAVE SOME OF THE CODES FROM THE 20 000 GEMS TO USE:D:D:D YES!!! Anyways this is a nice priced item and its for nonmembers too yay!
World Animal Day Facts:
I was intitially gonna have jammers come to my den today and have them give their opinion on my art gallery and the art in it for today's post except... No one came. But then I saw this sign in Jamaa Township:
Its world animal day!
Happy world animal day!! I love all animals and I have way to many favourites.
So I thought I could do some world animal day facts? How does that sound?
Okay so I actually realized world animal day was yesterday but that doesn't mean we can't still learn about world animal day right?

These facts are from Heavy.com

1. The First World Animal Day Was in 1925

2. The Day’s Mission Is to Raise the Status of Animals to Improve Welfare Standards Across the Globe

Sorry for only 2 facts:(

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Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow (hopefully)!


  1. My day has been pretty good! I did my school in the morning, hung out online in the afternoon and then went for a walk with Koolest. After, we used our phone to play AJ Tunnel Town and look up pictures on Google. XD (hehe, they were of TBS...)

    I'd like to sign up for LPOTM!
    User: Lostfairy
    Favorite AJ animal: I guess I'll say my deer but I like my cougar a lot too
    Why you would like to be LPOTM: I wanna support AJLP and this is one way to do that. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!! I love long weekends. XD

    1. Hehe TBS😍😍 Thanks for signing up don’t forget your favourite pet LostXD Happy thanksgiving to you too!

    2. Oyyyy, you're making me mellllllt, Vi! XD TBS...😍😍
      OH! Sorry! Frostyblush, my penguin!

  2. I nominate Lostfairy for LPOTM!


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