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Sunday, September 3, 2017

September Sign Ups:)

- Check out today's daily item
- Howl of the week
- Legendary Paloozian Of the month sign ups
- Edit by Snowlondon
Hey jammers!
I have been kinda sad today. Why you may ask? Well you see I can't do the tap (dance) anymore this year:( Cause I can't do it on Monday, the other day that my sister goes to dance and the only other day would be tuesday which would mean driving an extra night this year and we are already doing so much driving this year so:( Hopefully next year cause it was seriously my favourite dance that I have done. Unless a miracle happens though I doubt one will...
How has your guys day been? School starts in 2 days for meDX WHY DID YOU GO BY SO FAST SUMMER? WHY!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and by the way, I am sorry guys. But unfortunately this blog isn't gonna be updated in time like I had planned:( It will be updated though just not by this Tuesday or tomorrow night. I am so sorry!

Daily Item:
Today we have the new autumn grass claws sold in jam mart clothing for 750 gems!
These seem a bit expensive. And no offence but I do not like these, the colours just aren't me. Sorry AJ not this time:P

Here is what it looks like on a snow leopard:
Howl of The Week:
The other week I asked...
What would you think if AJHQ added humans into the game as avatars?

We got one howl from Transions which is the one I chose....
Here is her howl for this week:
I wouldn't like humans in Animal Jam. We can already adopt pets so it wouldn't really make sense. 

Congrats!! For next week's howl the question is..
Your opinion on the new zios statue.

Make sure to comment down your opinions for next week's howl!

Legendary Paloozian Of the month Sign ups:
Yes yes, it is that time again! It is now time to sign up to be LPOTM for SEPTEMBER.
All you have to do is...
- Comment your username
- Your Favourite animal of yours on AJ
- Your favourite pet of yours on AJ
- Why you would like to be LPOTM

You have until Wednesday to do so:) Hope to see lots of entries!!

Edit by Snow London:
Because Snow, heard I was feeling down today about the tap thing that I mentioned earlier today, she made me an edit!
Thanks again Snow!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. I have school tomorrow :cri:
    I also don't really like the new statue. I'm just kinda gonna miss the old statue.

  2. I nominate Naffy for LPOTM (Idk if she has a main pet but you could ask her? Idk XD)
    She is an amazing Jammer! :D


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