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Friday, August 18, 2017

We discuss the AJ toyline

- Check out today's new item
- Exploring the top level of the chamber of knowledge, featuring the solar eclipse
- Discussing the AJ toyline
- An amazing masterpiece from Crazcatlover
Hey jammers! 
Sorry if I sounded like I was bragging yesterday about all the gifts I got, I was just really happy with them, and wanted to share my happiness. I plan on going to the aquarium more in the future and meeting more seals a lot! Anyway's ill change the topic cause you probably don't wanna hear anymore about that... Anyways, I started to read the sweet dead life today. It's actually pretty good so far, like it started being interesting from the beginning which I like in books:D I feel like I just got a rush of energy in myself.... OH YEAH. HEDLEY RELEASED ANOTHER SONG FROM THERE ALBUM AND ITS CALLED BETTER DAYS AND I LIKE IT A LOT. YOU SHOULD GO CHECK IT OUT!!

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning bee shirt sold in jam mart clothing for750 gems!
Just another perfect item to make yourself a bee, eh?

Here is what it looks like on arctic wolves:
Jamaa Explorations:
Since I didn't know that the solar eclipse was in the top level of the chamber of knowledge, I thought we could explore that level this week and enjoy the solar eclipse there too while we explore it.
Sorry for all those people being there...
Anyways in the middle there is 3 telescopes. To the right of the telescopes is a shop and to the left of the telescopes is aanother shop. And in the window is a sky. But for this special occasion the solar eclipse is there.
So thats basically the exploration for today. Comment down below if you would like me to do the other levels and comment down some places to be explored too!!
Hope you enjoyed that exploration:D

So for today's discussions I thought of a really good topic to discuss. Speaking of which we didn't do the howl of the week this week.. Whoops oh well!! 
Okay so for this week's discussions, I thought we could discuss the AJ toyline.

In my opinion, I liked the toyline at the beginning with just the toys, but now they are expanding it to clothes, and stuff and I just think they have expanded that part to far. I think its perfect with just the toys and no clothes. But I mean if AJ wants to make underwears and halloween costumes, be my guest...

Comment down your opinions!!

Masterpiece from Crazcatlover:
I recently ordered a masterpiece of my cougar from my buddy Crazcatlover.
I traded for it today and I thought I would post here.., So here it is:
It's so realistic and awesome, I love it!!!
Thanks again Craz!!!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!!

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