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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Den/outfit designing ideas for Nonmembers

- Check out today's new item
- Imagining no rares in jamaa
- Tips and tricks for nonmember den decorating and outfit decorating 
Hey jammers!
I was originally gonna post today, but then I watched Fantastic Beasts with my sister and started another movie so I didn't think there would be enough time. And then there was a few youtube videos I wanted to watch as well but then after I was just like, you know what I am going to post! So now you have a post:D I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that I had a dream the other night and I was the dollar store with my mom and sister and they had aj adopt a pet houses so I got 2 of those and then there was something else that I was gonna get with that which I can't remember so instead my sister brought over a really fluffy aj sweater that was basically a blanket and didn't even ask me about it. And yeah that was my dream:) 

Also I am gonna try to reply to comments more....:)
Daily Items:
Today we have the returning/new acorn hat sold in jam mart clothing for 600 gems!
I think this is a returning hat I think. It is a decent price and I think that its good item to turn yourself into an acorn if you wantedXD And if you did that then...

Here is what it looks like on owls:

For today's imagine I thought we could imagine no rares(including betas) in animal jam and what it would be like!
Yes that is a red line crossed through it:)

Well first if there wasn't any rares in AJ, there would most likely be less scamming and hacking, I mean people could scam and hack still but they usually do it for rares. There also would probably be more education and facts to the game, cause in a way rares have kinda taking over that aspect. Not by a lot but you know what I mean. There also wouldn't be as much items to collect, I mean there would still be lots but if you think of all the rares and betas there are there is so much more to collect. Also what would people look forward to every monday? A limited time pet?

Make sure to comment what you think of aj with no rares.

Nonmember Tips and Tricks for Den/Outfit decorating:
Today I prepare you with some tips and tricks for den/outfit designing(decorating I guess) for nonmembers!!

  1. Choose a specific theme you want to go with, an example of this for an outfit could be an explorer and for a den it could be a bedroom
  2. Make sure to have the items you need/want for the outfit or den design
  3. If you don't have the items you need/want go and trade or buy the items
  4. Try to stay with the theme and colour
I have to go now so thats all tips for today that I have, there would have been more except I have to go.
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. Also now I have got to make a small comic with the acorn hat and pet squirrels XDD

  2. I think that Aj would have alot less people if there weren't rares. Like them or not they're a huge aspect of the game


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