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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Guess my animals challenge

- Check out the returning Mechanical Lamp
- Deciding my main look or main looks
- Fan art from Snowlondon
- Mini Challenge
Hey jammers!
This is gonna be a long a semi long post I guess cause I have a lot to cover, I was gonna do a prank that I read on Transions blog but then I thought to wait to do it in another post and to do it when I have some of my buddies that I am better friends with since there is only like 2XD So today I finished reading The Kill Order, the first prequel to the maze runner and like the last third is LIKE OMG you cannot put the book down. Then near the end it got sad. And poor Deedee was honestly through so much in her life, like I would say now but I don't wanna give spoilers soooooo. But in the end they hand her into to  what was soon to be called Wicked and then they give her the name Teresa. And then if you read the series you would understand why. Now I just have to read the 2nd prequel The fevercode which I am waiting till my birthday to see if I get it, and if I don't then I am going to buy it myself. Then I have to wait for the death cure to come out in theatres in February 8 and then wait for that to come out on dvd so then I can buy it. I really hope they make the kill order come out as a movie cause that would be super AWESOME. At first I was like, this book isn't that interesting but a bit more than half way into it it gets really good and interesting as before that time like the odd interesting thing would happen.
You probably want me to shush now since the intro just turned into like a super long paragraph. BUT GUESS WHAT???? I CAN'T:P Cause I gotta type of a post:D Dun dun dun. But I agree let's get on with this post....

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning mechanical lamp sold in jam mart furniture for 450 gems!
(Cause I have nothing else to say about this item)

Mini Challenge:
Hmmmmm what should today's mini challenge be?
I know you should guess what picture is which animal of mine!
Now let's get onto it! Whoever gets these right will receive a prize:D

I enlarged them so it would be easier for you guys to see!
Make sure to comment down your answers for a chance to win a prize.

Deciding my main look or looks?:
Okay, a main look is usually something that everyone has. Me not so much. I never really had a main look cause there wasn't really and still isn't a main look that I use all the time or animal.
But last night I decided my main look is now going to be my goat or one of the main looks atleast.
So I decided to go through my new main looks now:

Those are my top 3.
I think there is a few more too.

I just thought to let you guys know this. Speaking of which tomorrow we find out the new animal!

Fan Art:
Yesterday, my friend Snowlondon made me an edit!
So I decided to post it!
Thanks so much again!
Don't judge me when I say this guys but the picture of my goat that I chose for this looks like its twerkingXDXDXD
Just thought to point that out:P
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


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