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Friday, July 7, 2017

Exploring Tierney's Aquarium

- Check out the returning rose table
- Today we explore Tierney's aquarium
- Discussing adopting other jammers on animal jam
- Check out some blog news!
Hey jammers!
How are you all this lovely day? (actually I don't know what its like where you live right now. For all I know it could be tornadoing outside). Well for me honestly, it has been kinda cloudy and sunny most of the day. Right now it seems like its gonna rain and it is starting to thunder a bit so that's kinda nice. Yesterday I played a few adventures with Sarah and Gracie and I spent like all the gems we made on the panda items. And I still need to buy the rest of the squid hats cause I think I have half. And then I wanna make a movie theatre in my den which I think I mentioned before! I actually kinda have a lot of energy in me right now. So if I seem a bit crazy in this post you know why:) Hehehehehe.

Also if you have any of the newer plushies could you comment down so I could trade you for them?

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning rose table sold in jam mart furniture for 650 gems!
I actually always thought this was a kinda cool/cute table! I would buy it but you know....

Jamaa Explorations:
For today's explorations in Jamaa. We will be exploring.....
Who's excited?????

So the image above is what it first looks like when you get inside.
As you can see there is a bunch of things to do. If you click the aquarium with the jelly fish it will show cool fun facts! If you click the pond with the game icon you can play a game and win cute stuffies from it. Then if you go to the whole with the ladder it will bring you to Kani Cove.
Now for the things to do beside the jelly fish aquarium...
On the darker brown table you can click the submarine and watch a video, while if you click the hydrometer you can watch a hydro meter video. Now beside that table you can click on the bench with the papers and crayons and print out some papers to colour! 

That is just the first floor. BUT, there is more!! Come with me and we will go up the stairs, to see what is waiting to be seen...
If you climb up the stairs, you will see 2 doors if you go through them they will bring you to...

TIERNEY'S THEATRE! Here is just like any other theatre except I think it is more marine animal and fish based. You can sit on any pillows, choose whatever video and watch!

Hope you guys enjoyed exploring Tierney's aquarium with me!
It actually feels kinda nice to explore parts of Jamaa that I don't go to often.

Discussions- Adopting other jammers
For today's discussions I decided that we discuss about adopting other jammers.
I actually used to do this a lot when I first joined AJ, I would sometimes pretend to be an orphan and get adopted and by then I would keep track of all my moms and kids on a list on my brothers old IpodXD And then sometimes I would be the mom and adopt the kids. Then I would be a dog or cat and get adopted or id be the owner and adopt a dog or cat. Then I would end up having sisters. It was actually kinda fun. I don't do it now. I think its fun for younger kids to do it. But now being almost 14... I don't knowXD 
Be sure to discuss this in the comments!

Blog News:
Today I checked the blog stats like I do everyday....
And I really got happy when I saw this....
I think the page views are going back to the way before like almost 2 months ago!
It's not that pageviews are the only things that matter to me I just feel so accomplished when the pageviews go up cause then I know people actually read this blog and that people are maybe using it for information!!
So yeah....

I am also starting to work on updating pages so thats good and then a few new pages will be added too!

Also today is the last day to sign up for Legendary Paloozian of The Month:
If you would like to join please comment the following...
- Username
- Favourite AJ animal of yours
- Favourite AJ pet of yours
- Why you would like to be LPOTM
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!!


  1. I vote for Nafaria8 to be Legendary Paloozian of The Month!

  2. I used to get adopted all the time too. That was long ago.... Like maybe back in 2012, 2013, and maybe 2014. Like you tho I'm gettin' older. XD



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