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Sunday, June 11, 2017

June's Paloozian

- Check out today's new dig site tools
- Check out this week's Howl
- This Month's Legendary Paloozian
Hey jammers!
Sorry for the super later post, I was pretty busy all day. And you probably wouldn't of got this post and get a super long post tomorrow if I didn't have to get a few of the tails. Since it is their last day.
There will just be the stuff listed on the top in this post.

Daily Item:
Today's new item is the dig site tools sold in jam mart furniture for 500 gems!
As I mentioned yesterday I wonder if they will start to release all the items in the land of the Forgotten Desert? And I think they are considering this is another item found thereXD

Legendary Paloozian of the month:
The Legendary Paloozian for the month of June is...
Gracie was nominated by Sarahkey8!!
(You guys seriously don't know how frustrating to make this cause gimp was really annoying me)

Howl of the week:
Last week, I asked...
"What is your opinion on seasonal adventures?"

I got a couple howls! This week's howl of the week is from Canineclaw. Here is what she said:
I don't like seasonal adventures, they don't help the storyline at all.

For next week's howl I would like you to explain what your favourite pet on AJ is and why!
Be sure to comment down your howls:)
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
- Violet


  1. Congrats Gracie!

    I like ALL of the pets, they are all just so adorable, but right now, my favorite is the pet dolphin, it looks like a tiny beanie boo <3 And I just love how you can make it have a little dolphin plushie!
    But all the pets are my favorite but rn dolphins just seem the cutest XD

    1. Oh my goodness, I just realized you put pet dolphins too XDD Didn't even notice that XD Oopsy

      Remember, God made YOU!

  2. First comment on here! :D
    I've been on this blog numerous times (I think I might of even stopped by before I knew anyone in the blogging community!), but I don't think I really read through the posts. Sorry bout that :( But I ish here, and here to stay XD

    Aw' well XD

    Awwww! Thank you so much for making me the Legendary Paloozian of the Month! And thank you, Sarah, for nominating me! :)

    Hm, my favorite pet would have to be.. Probably pet dolphins. I also love pet seals, but sometimes you can make them.. Kinda ugly XD But pet dolphins are so adorable <3 I'm so glad AJHQ released them! :D

    I probably will be commenting more on here :) Can't wait to see what this blog as in store!

    Remember, God made YOU!


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