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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Updated/New Commenting Rules+New Handbook, Sticker Book, Journal, Activity book

- Check out today's new glove
- Check out some new AJ toys soon to come
- See the Weekly Masterpiece
- Learn some fun facts about platypus+see my platypus
- New Commenting rules
Hey jammers!
For those of you who knew, though you should of if you read this blogXD I was on a school trip, which was really fun! We saw lots of things, like the Lincoln Memorial(which we got stuck in), the washington monument, went to the smithsonian and saw the hope diamond and sooooooooooo much more! It was sooooo fun! The breakfast at one of the hotels was amazing! THE FRENCH TOAST WAS AMAZING, I should say. Then to end it off we to the Hershey's Chocolate Factory and I got 2 pillows and a water bottle and LOTS AND LOTS OF CHOCOLATE. A tad bit much.. I could tell you guys everything about this trip but it would take up the whole post XD So Instead I just gave you guys a little blurb.... I am also SOOO HUNGRY right now for some odd reason... Probably cause when I was on the trip I didn't have as much to eat as I usually would.

I know I said I would start the new posting schedule on this coming Monday. But I decided to start it today instead! 

Daily item:
Today we have the limited time phantom glove sold in the diamond shop for 3 diamonds!
This glove is part of the weekend only new gloves, incase you didn;t know!
I find it actually kinda funny looking to be honest, cause it randomly has 2 eyeballs popping outXD

Here is what it looks like on Arctic Wolves:

Jamaa News- New AJ Books:
I wasn't actually sure what to post this week for some news so I thought I would go search on amazon and try to find some new things, that no one yet has posted about(hopefully).

1. A Jammer's Handbook
This was supposedly release April 1st. 
And is a hand book. It also includes a lot of fun facts and other stuff too!

2.  Mega Sticker Play Wild
This was also released April first and is a sticker book with over 1000 stickers!

3. Journal
This is to be released October 31, 2017. 

4. Animal Jam Activity Play Book
This was also released on April 1st and is an activity book!
It even includes press out animal characters! 

This was actually quite fun trying to find new AJ merch!

Ummmmm AJ just turned all frenchXD
The Weekly Masterpiece:
This week's masterpiece goes to...
Congrats for getting your masterpiece featured!

Platypus Fun Facts:

Featuring my platypus that I got! SOOOOO HAPPYXD
- A platypus is semi-aquatic
- Platypus's close their eyes and ears underwater to help them eat their prey
- Platypus's sleep 14 hours a day usually

Hope you enjoyed those platypus fun facts!

Blog News:
Just thought I'd give you guys a bit of a heads up that I have updated the commenting rules a bit and that now if you comment anonymous you have to leave your username when you comment!

Which AJ book do you like the most? 
Do you plan on buying them if you can?

That's all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. Welcome back from your trip Vi! :D How was it?
    And your platy is so cute <3

  2. It was really fun, we did lots!


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