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Thursday, May 4, 2017


- Check out today's limitied time hats 
- Learn about where you can find the top hats that have returned
- Fun facts about May the 4th(Not actually)
- Vote 1 person out in the fashion show 
Hey jammers!
This post may or may not be a latest post because I have to help my mom with something soon so I may not be able to finish it. Sorry for not posting the past two days. On Tuesday I wanted to DIY my notebooks I bought and their 3rd coat is drying right now which Is part of the reason why this post is partly late... Then yesterday I had a bunch of homework to do cause I was at the lego robotics competition in the gym of my school today. It was actually quite annoying though a bit more than half way through because let's just say the 2 E's wouldn't let K and I use it, really so we were kinda bored for what seemed like forever:/ In plus one of the E's was being quite bossy and demanding. So ya that kinda ruined our fun and we probably won't get a medal so... Because we only put our name down for like 2 activities when we did 2 or 3 more than that. So I am kinda annoyed right now....
In other news....
Yesterday I was looking through posts of mine on the blog (not through the website... but through blogger) and a few of the posts had gotten 500+ views!! Plus I think 1 or 2 of them had like 800 and bit!! That's seriously unbelievable. We also have almost 10 000 pageviews till 100 000 pageviews:D

TBH I'm not even sure if you guys ever read my intro, and no one ever answers when I ask so....
Yeah:/ Thats a bit annoying.

Daily Items:
Today we have the limited time hats sold in the diamond shop for 2 diamonds each!
(The giraffe head is not included)
On the top left we have the spiked top hat, then the spinning top hat on the top right and on the bottom left the rainbow accordian hat.
These hats all have to do with hata palooza says a few jammers I know!
Jamaa News:
I guess in a way I am doing jamaa news instead of the mini comic this week cause I am not feeling up to doing the mini comic and I have some jamaa news!!

So considering hata palooza is happening right now in Jamaa...
If you go to jamaa township and go to where the Mira statue is there will be a little crate(I guess not a crate but). This is what it will look like:

If you click on it the following items will pop up..
All of these are returning items. But did you notice one that stands out from the rest?
Its Black, white and red... ITS THE TOP HAT!!
One of the rarest items I guess you would say in jamaa has returned!!

The top hats are only 75 gems! Which is actually quite a good deal if you think about it:D
They also come in their original colours showed in the image above.

I feel like a bunch of rares have been coming back lately...
Which is good in a way but sooner or later all AJ is gonna have for rares is the RIM raresXD
Just make sure to remember that the top hats have returned and that you don't get scammed if you get a trade offer with them.

Fun Facts about MAY THE FOURTH:
Since today is May 4th. I thought why not post some cool May 4th facts! Cause you know...
MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOUXDXDXDXDXD Now hopefully I can find some facts... Let's check.
You know what let's just scratch the facts since I can't find any and I don't want them to be all about star wars... Sorry if you guys were excited to read the facts!!

Fashion Show:
We are unfortunately still on round 3 of the fashion show...
 I gave like 3, almost 4 days to vote out a jammer and NO ONE has voted out anyone yet in those 3-4 days:/ So if no one votes anyone out today then... I am voting a jammer out myself:P
The fashion show should have been done by now if jammers voted.
PLEASE make sure to vote 1 jammer out!!

Comment down some post topics you might want on this blog!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!



    I vote out... Young Kindrose! :)

  2. Glowing Kiwi iris sorry D:(Did I read it wrong o.o)


  3. TopHATZHATZHATZ!! I loaf them and I'm quite glad they're back :P

    Hm, I am voting out... Young Kindrose D:

  4. Nooooo not Young Kindrose :O.

    I'm going to give my opinions on each of the outfits left. The fox it the best (in my opinions) because she is actually colour coordinated, or the colours compliment eachother.

    But then again I guess the pinks aren't the same...

    The cougar is good but a little empty. But still good. The lynx is not that colour coordinated, I vote oit the lynx sorry.


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