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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The least visited places in Jamaa, PART 1

- Check out today's new rope
- Check out the least visited places in Jamaa (from my opinion)
- See who this month's Legendary Paloozian of the month is!
Hey jammers!
Thanks to all of you who suggested some post topics and pages even though it wasn't many...!
It really helped me out! So later on today I might get around to making the new schedule!
Yipee! Also I'm sorry this post is late... I had a bit of math and hot glue something which wasn't really why this post was late but yeah. But after I did that stuff I did my nails, and I tried that life hack where you put your fingers in cold water after you put your nail polish on to help it dry faster. And can I just say... IT KINDA WORKEDXDDDDDDDDDDDDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD.
Don't even know why I put so many laughing faces it wasn't even that funny...^^

Daily Item:
Today we have the new rope sold in jam mart furniture for 175 gems!
A lot of people aren't actually impressed with item and the recent items...
I can understand why they aren't cause I am not that impressed with this item either, but in a way I do understand the recent new items. AJ just brought the barn den back so they are gonna be releasing items that fit with that theme. So i'm guessing thats why they are releasing items with the lack of creativity. Though new better items should be coming soon....
Today we are suppose to have jamaa news and a free post but unfortunately I don't really have any current news except that new AJ plushies were spotted!(Thats credit's to Naffy which you can learn more about on her blog the aj whip). So for the free post I was thinking... Why not do the least visited places in jamaa from my opinion. This will probably 2 posts so next free post day which will be later this week then I will do the part 2!
If you guys enjoy this then I will do a most visited place in jamaa post(s).

1. Club Geoz

2. Canyons Pathway

3. The sky in Coral Canyons 

4. Claws 'N Paws 

5. The Conservation Museum

They are not in any specific order. I have a few more to post so make sure to stay tuned for that post!

Legendary Paloozian Of the Month:
Since no one decided to sign up, which is alright:) I decided to choose someone!
Im sorry if the animal or pet used isn't your favourite ones. 

The legendary Paloozian of the month is....
There is no questions of the day today....

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
(I know I said I would use my old one again but whenever I see this picture it keeps telling me to use it and I can't resistXD)

1 comment:

  1. Don't forget the Wild Explorers tent! Idk why that's not popular anymore tbh :/ And congrats on 90 000 pageviews! :D


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