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Saturday, May 27, 2017

New How to draw videos in the Art studio!

- Check out today's returning egyptian throne
- Check out the new How to draw videos in the art studio
- This week's weekly masterpiece
- Fun facts about Coyotes
Hey jammers!
You would probably would have got this post much earlier if I wasn't trying to finish my drawing of Joe Sugg, who is a youtuber if you didn't know. It didn't actually turn out to bad you can actually kinda tell it's him! Now tomorrow I just gotta colour it in, in the morning before I study in the afternoon for a geo test which there is a lot to study for. But my teacher says you should do good on it if you know everything in the booklet so....

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning Egyptian throne sold in jam mart furniture for 850 gems!
I feel like this is a bit expensive but then again it is egyptian so, what can you expect?
Jamaa News:
I am not exactly sure if this is "new" but I am not sure if many jammers know about it.
Animal Jam has released new how to draw videos! I feel like the pet rooster and toucan is definitely new but I am not sure. But then again maybe some people didn't realize these videos were added so maybe it's good I posted them!

Weekly Masterpiece:
This week's masterpiece goes to...
Good job!!
I like the way you drew snow leopards. They look very cute!

Fun Facts about Coyotes:
  • If coyotes choose to not get noticed by predators they walk on there toes. This helps them to make less noise
  • Coyotes sleep in holes
  • Coyotes can reach up to 40 miles per hour
  • Coyotes usually hunt in groups of 2-3
I gotta say I am not huge fans of coyotes, they kinda scare me cause sometimes depending the season there are coyotes who live near me and I always feel like I will come across one and they will attack me. Even though I don't think they are suppose to eat humans. But I guess they could if they wanted to.
Wow that was the most quickest I have typed up a post in awhile!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. Woaah. Sorry for not commenting recently but woah I'm Jammer of the month :O

    Thanks you! Also I didn't know Coyotes could tippy-toe, that's pretty kewl.

  2. The masterpiece looks really nice!

  3. That masterpiece is awesome :O


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