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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cougar a larger version of the lynx?

- Check out today's new flower tail
- See my little pet crocodile
- Check some similarities of the cougar and lynx
Hey jammers!
HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful easter.
Be sure to comment down what you got! I don't think I am getting anything since my family (except for my dad since he wasn't in the mood) went to see a movie as our easter present! But you never know maybe my dad got us some chocolate!! Sorry this post is late. All I can smell right now is turkey is our easter turkey. MMMMMMMMM. I might be getting a membership again, it all depends though on how much I have to pay my family back for christmas presents and other stuff... So yah! It will be a 6 month membership though. I hope I can get it before the eggs disappear cause I wanna create one myself! Even though my buddy Gracie gave me her egg's twin XD

Daily item:
Today we have the new flower tail sold in jam mart clothing for 800 gems!
I have to admit this is a bit expensive. But I kinda like it:)

Here is what it looks like on a bunny:
It actually kinda goes well with my outfit. To bad it is members.

Meet my little croc:
Today the crocodile Gracie gave me hatched!!

I named it pooky tot! I hope you see this gracie! It is Eggy's twin!!

I just realized something... All this time I could have just been saving my drawings to the computer and then reuploading them to become a masterpiece when I go member again wow..

Cougar a larger version of the lynx?
Yesterday when I was on AJ I realized something.
Have you looked at the cougar and lynx together? They look very similar. Its like the cougar is a larger lynx. Apparently according to one of my buddy's Julian thinks so tooXD
It's kinda hard to see when they aren't your actual animal but if you look closely the ears are similar and the 2 front legs are huge. The head is similar in some parts too. 
What do you guys think?

ALMOST FORGOT TO SAY DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY AND FASHION SHOW YOU HAVE 6 DAYS LEFT!! We have already gotten 3 entries:D It would make me feel so happy if you guys entered especially for this since it is the blog's 3rd birthday! 
What pets have you gotten in your eggs?

What new daily things would you like to see on the blog?
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya later!


  1. Ahh I almost forgot about the giveaway and stuff I'll do it soon I promise :0 Also every animal have front legs that are bigger than their back legs, it's just an Animal Jam style.

    The ears I guess are the same but I think I've seem them around on other animals too. As for the face uhh, it's similar but different enough for me.

    Anyways that croc is adorable! I'm studying eggs to see if there are certain patterns and so far I think the gloss, spikes and sparkles determine the croc's/chick/falcon's spikes/feather shape.

    But I'm really not sure tbh.

    1. I never actually realized that about aj's animalsXD That's cool to study e eggs!

  2. nice blog hopefully it doesnt die like all the other good ones :(

    1. Thanks! Welcome to the blog!! I hope so too:( But it'll be alive got a long while. Even when it dies die there will be a post the odd time


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