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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Box Monster's Blog

- Check out today's last rare items the smol top hat and grass claws
- Box Monster made a blog!
- Searching through jamaa to find weird usernames
Hey jammers!
So just now I was like to my sister, come see my bunny its really cute. And she was like on aj?
And I was like ya. And then she was like you still play that???
Have you not got bored yet?

To be honest though, if it wasn't for this blog or me reading aj blogs that I got amazing buddies from I probably wouldn't be playing still... But this blog and you guys is what keeps me going:)

Daily Items:
Today we have the rare smol top hat and rare grass claws sold in the diamond shop!
The smol top hat is sold for 2 diamonds and for nonmembers!
I am not sure if it was meant to be "smol" or if it was typo.

Here is what it looks like on a bunny:
Feat my new outfit I made for it XD

And the rare grass claws sold for 3 diamonds...

Here is what it looks like on a bunny:
Box Monster's Blog:
So um I don't know how to put this but...
Box Monster made his own blog.....
Yeah... He says he would love if you guys would start reading it! 
I will make sure to alert you guys when he makes a post! 
I also gave him permission to make his own blog because he would need my account.
Be sure to check his blog and read his first post by clicking the link below!!

Searching for random username's in Jamaa:
Since I don't want to do the how to or jamaa spotlight today I decided why not search for some random usernames in jamaa and then post them here! So that is what I shall do!!  I will also react to them soooo yeah!
They probably aren't that random but you know....
Here they are:
Why would you name your user hydroplane?

Are you very hopey because you seem very hoppyXD
Get it cause hopey is happy. Ya? Nope, okay.

Wow you must be a kitty then...

What is a snarky chimp?

I know what confetti is but what is chessy?
WOW. I can't believe I found someone rarer than tacos. 
Taco's are the rarest things EVER!!!


The answer to the mini challenge was...
The small den! Which Iloppio got correct!
Hopefully I can trade you a prize sometime soon... If not then here have some cake!
Make sure to eat it! It is made out of cardboard since Box Monster made it. He was feeling quite generous.
Out of all the rare items we just had, which one was your favourite?

Fill in the blank:
Today I saw_______________________. He/she/it was in a__________________________mood.
I decided to___________________if it wanted to see a ________________. The__________________yes!
So we had a very________________________ conversation. And ____________________ cake.

Can't wait to read your guys responses!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow hopefully!
- Violet


  1. Rarerthentacos
    Oh yesh, amazing

    Today I saw Boldbanana. He/she/it was in a weird mood.
    I decided to ask if it wanted to see a banana bowling alley. The Banana said yes!
    So we had a very strange conversation. And ate cake.

  2. That bunny is just soooo cute! XD
    *King Tough Bunny



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