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Sunday, April 30, 2017

AJLP's DTBFAP FS ROUND #3+ Legendary Paloozian of the month?

- Check out todays new encrusted diamond fins
- Check out some blog news
- Vote one person out in the fashion show  
Hey jammers!
Today I deleted all of my jam a grams. It actually went much faster than I thought. And my brother and I (well mostly me cause he had to do something else) made some pecan pie muffins! Except without the pecans cause we didn't have any!
We tried a small one and they were pretty delicious. Not just pretty delicious AMAZINGLY deliciousXD

Daily Item:
Today we have the new encrusted diamond fins sold in the diamond shop of sunken treasures for 3 2 diamonds!
These are kinda cool looking.
Why do I feel as if the diamond shops for underwater contain a ton of diamond stuff?
What do you guys think?

Here is what they look like on seals:
They're kinda flipper like, and a bit big.
Blog News:
If you read the AJ Sky blog you would know that each month Scooter does a jammer of the month and pet of the month. Well I was thinking of doing something like that cause back in the day in 2014 when this blog first opened I did jammer of the month. So I was thinking of doing it again! Except it would be... Legendary Paloozian of the month! And you would get one of your pets edited on the picture with you! And maybe a frame? Thats only if you guys would like it?

I also wanna start updating this blog's content. I promised you guys I would sometime last year or the year before that I would and I still haven't. And with 100 000 page views coming up  I think it might be a nice idea, that is if I get around to it. But you guys will for sure get a new schedule since thats what you guys want on the poll! I just don't know which topics I will take away, and which ones I will keep or add. But I guess I still have a bit of time:)

I am gonna start writing down all of my blog ideas and stuff in a notebook, so I don't forget which I will probably do after I get off of AJ XD

Fashion show:
Unfortunately, Pouncing SnowLeopard has been voted out!
Good try!
Vote out 1 jammer in the comments!!
Would you like a Legendary Paloozian of the month?

In the comments... Imagine what animal Jam would be like with no rares.
Make sure to comment down what you imagine!
Thats all for today jammers!
Sorry for not posting any of today's topics. I didn't really know what to for them.
See ya tomorrrow!

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