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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cougars coming soon...

-Check out the latest Jamaa Journal Update!
Hey jammers!
I just remembered that I have math to finish. I guess I will just have to do that later after I visit Jamaa!
Today is Thursday which means update day.  I am actually not to fond of this update I mean its okay but it could have been waaaaaaay better.
So withouyt further ado lets check this update out:)
Jamaa Journal:
Page 1
Now memberss can have 1000 accessories!
WOO HOO! Personally, I am not sure I would even need 1000 slots.

Page 2
The lucky castle is back!

Page 3
Clover armour is back aswell as pi day is coming soon on March 14!

Page 4
Restricted chat has been improved for those jammers with restricted chat!

Page 5
The moment we have all been waiting for...
COUGARS ARE COMING TO JAMAA!! They actually look so cute in the picture. I hope they look that cute when they get released. And lucky clovers is back.

Page 6
Eagles are travelling and the lucky party is back!

I didn't actually find this jamaa journal that great the only features I liked were the cougars and a tad bit of the 1000 slots for members I am also not a big fan of St. Patrick's day aswell.. That is why rate this update a...
Yesterday's answer was...

What was your favourite feature from the update?

Are you excited for the cougars?
Thats all fort today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. I think this is the first time eagle's are traveling! o:


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