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Monday, March 20, 2017

1000 slots for nonmembers glitch?

- Check out today's rare item monday glove
- Redo of rim
- Possibly a glitch of 1000 slots?
Hey jammers!
If I Stay came in the mail today so my sister and I will be watching that this weekend:)
Hopefully friday! So today at second break my friends and I had a foursquare court for grade 8s only so first a few grade 6s came which was fine then like 5 more came and when we asked if they could go they got made at us and one of them specifically at my friend and they were being all sassy. And once the grade 8 girls were playing with the grade 6s and they kicked us out. LIKE SO YOUR ALLOWED TO KICK US OUT BUT WE'RE NOT????

Daily item:
Today we have the rare yellow glove hat sold in jam mart clothing for 900 gems!
Its a tad bit expensive for a glove hat...
It reminds me of Mickey Mouse's gloves he wears all the timeXD

Here is what it looks like on the bunny:
Still don't know why anyone would wanna wear this but okay.
Rim redo:
Oops I forgot to change the colour but I changed the name and price.
The gloves should have been white oh wellXD

I know we are suppose to have a topic today but I will be doing a glitch I noticed instead!
I was also gonna introduce you guys to box monster but... I will save him till next post!
So today when I was in my inventory on aj I noticed something...
It said up to 1000 items for me with clothes and I am currently nonmember.

So then I checked my den items. The same thing happened again.

So then I checked one of my storages and it said only 100.

I wonder if this is a glitch or if it is just because I was a member before.
What do you think?

Thats all for today jammers!
I have to go now!
- Violet


  1. It's not a glitch, if you have gotten membership in the past you get the 1,000 den spaces and clothing space!


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