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Sunday, February 26, 2017

20 Question AJ tag:):):):):)

- Check out todays and yesterday's spring items+ yesterday's rare carnival item
-A letter from AJ?
-20 question tag
Hey jammers!
I just finished making a bracelet! yes a bracelet not a friendship bracelet but it almost looks like it came from the store the only thing is though is I could of made it a tiny bit bigger but thats okay. 
Today's post once again isn't following the schedule but it does have few cool things! 
So let's get right into this post!

Daily item:
Yesterday we had the spring bow and spring tiki mask both sold in the diamond shop!
The bow was sold for 2 diamonds plus it was nonmember as well as the mask for 3 diamonds and for members!

We also had the summer carnival's rare item which was the rare feathered mask...
It was sold for 3000 tickets! AND FOR NONMEMBERS TOO!!

Today we have the spring bow and arrows and the spring dragonfly hair clip sold in the diamond shop again for 3 diamonds each!
I would actually love to buy these items.
Well all the spring items so far actually!

We also have the returning clover balloon.....
A buddy request from AJ?:
Yesterday when I went on AJ I had gotten a buddy request from a jammer called giraffegaffe.
I looked to the left and then saw this..
Could this be an ajhq account? Or is it just a thing it says when a jammer buddy's you?

I doubt it was AJ but you never know...

 20 Question AJ tag:
My buddy Lostfairy recently posted on blog the animal jam jumble a tag she found on another blog so I thought why not do the tag? It is 20 questions about animal jam stuff! So feel free to do it on your blog! 
Lets start!

1. What's the meaning behind your Animal Jam username?
My username doesn't really have a meaning but... when I did make it I wanted it to do something with violets so it became violet86271

2. How did you find Animal Jam?

A girl I used to be close friends with that was really annoying. We aren't friends anymore since she has done/said things to me and my other friend in the past. Anyways she told me it was a fun game and that I should play it!

3. When did you start playing Animal Jam?
I don't remember the exact date but in late June, 2013

4. What was your first rare?

Rare backpack, I think?

5. What's your favorite den and clothing item?

Den item: Cami's frog
Clothing item: Don't actuIally know

6. What is one thing you wish you could change about Animal Jam?

Probably the jammers who are greedy and only care about rares.
Just think how different aj would be without them.

7. What's your favorite memory on Animal Jam?

I don't actually have a favourite memory but probably meetings some of my greatest buddies! 
There are seriously so many memories I have on AJ.

8. Who are your best buddies on Animal Jam?

Swirlshine, 2fangwolf, Lostfairy, Gfox, Sarahkey8,  Awesomepanda, Nafaria 9, Purplestarclub, Penguin and SOOOOO MANY MORE! I am sorry if I didn't mention your name.

9. Is there anyone you hate on Animal Jam?

Nope not really specifically.

10. Have you ever been scammed, and if so, what did they scam?

I have been scammed, one time they took a bow and arrow and another item. I forget the others.

11. Do you have any plaques, and which kind?

Howl Plaque, Artist plaque, Online Safety Plaque.

12. What's your favourite Animal Jam emoji?

Probably, one of the animated ones don't know which one though,

13. What's your rarest item?

HMMMM good question, let's check. probably spikes, headdress, demon mask.

14. What's your Animal Jam pet peeve?

When you visit a buddy and they are with another buddy that you don't know or do know and then you say hi and they don't respond.

15. How many gems & diamonds do you have?

19,757 gems and 65 diamonds.

16. Who's your favourite Animal Jam YouTuber?

I don't actually have one honestly. Maybe wisteria or Snowy.

17. What's the best gift you ever received on Animal Jam?

A headdress from a long lost buddy of mine that I haven't seen in such a long time! 
I miss her so much:(

18. Who do you wish was your buddy?

Hmmmmm. Animal Jam would be pretty neat or just a famous jammer. 

19. Why do you play Animal Jam?

I have so many great buddies and this blog, if it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't still be playing. It has been almost 4 years!

20. When do you think you will stop playing Animal Jam? 
Probably sometime during high school when I get super busy with homework. I will still try to visit once in awhile though.
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
- Violet


  1. Actually, it always says its 'from' AJHG. Sadly, that person is most likely NOT AJHQ. D:

    Awww, thanks for doing the tag! ^.^ I enjoyed reading your answers!!!

  2. Awww your one of my favorite buddies too!

  3. That is a glitch that is very annoying whenever someone sends you a buddy request D: If only it was AJHQ.. *sighs*


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