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Saturday, January 7, 2017

New animal = sheep???

- Check out the latest update in jamaa
Hey jammers!
This is a long intro ahead to I hope you read it:) I always hope you guys read the whole post and the intro, I like sharing my life with you guys:)
Sorry for not posting Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday, I made clay creations with my sister which I will POST PICTURES ON HERE IF WANTED. I made, a slice of pizza, taco and a little hamster named Ziggy. I made ziggy a bowl of food and water aswell. I am sooooo nice to animalsXD. Then on Thursday I helped was helping my mom with something. Then yesterday.... Woo this is a long one..... I went to an arcade and a rainforest cafe, WOO THERE WAS THUNDERSTORMS THERE XD. Then shortly after that we went to a place called the fun factory, it wasn't really that fun. It was a just a shop with good deals on items and stuff. They also had wax figure stuff you could create. Then there was like this whole section with beanie boos and um...I turned the corner and saw this adorable koala, I mean it was ADORABLE. Then I look and I see this SUPER DUPER DUPER DUPER DUPER DUPER ADORABLE SEAL NAMED WIGGY!! It kept looking at me and then it said to my mom, "Take me home please, take me home" and you guys know well if you don't know I have a recent obsession with seals so this was why I really wanted. But my mom wouldn't let us so then we went back to the arcade to get our prizes. And then after...
I GOT THE SEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! It was a TY Classic. And a medium sized one:)
This is a picture of it I found online:
This was only 13 dollars! Like what a good deal??
Anyways let's got with the post!

On thursday we got a jamaa journal update. I have not had a chance to post it. Even though I am posting it late, you can still share your opinions like I am too!
Jamaa Journal:
Arctic foxes are back! Nows your chance to get one if you haven't already!

Just a quick reminder about the member spin, if you didn't know about it already.

OOOOH PET ARCTIC FOXES! Nice. Ima get one now:)
And the snow fort has returned!

I honestly don't know how long this has been since we have got one. I can't wait to play it though!

Heatwave party is back! The animal is..... SHEEP!! Sorry for the spoiler:(

Aww no, nonmembers can't do masterpieces anymore. I wish they kept it so they could:(
Not impressed:/ Hopefully they do add one day.

Dolphins are going travelling soon. See ya later dolphinsXD

Snow leopard gift card deal now!
You know what I realized guys. AJ releases a new gift card deal every 3 months, so by the time the persons deal expires they have a new gift card deal! Smart eh?

Here is what the sheep look like:
Pic credits to animal jam sky blog aka scooter.

Here is my arctic fox:
Just ready for winter!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
- Violet

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