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Friday, December 9, 2016

News, opinion, guess and MORE NEWS!!

- Check out todays jamaaliday's gift
- The returning elf hat
- A review/opinion of the art studio (drawing part)
- Mini challenge
- Blog news
Hey jammers!
Guess who's back? Back again! Guess who's back, back again back again back again:P
I am soooooo sorry for not posting since last week and barely posting then and now. 
I didn't really feel like posting and I am about to tell if I did post it probably would of been a short post. I was also kinda busy and didn't do to well on a science test that I had monday.
But because of my absence I have a super duper long post ahead starting right..... NOW.

Today's jamaaliday item includes...
WOAAAAAAAAAAH. My mind just got blownnn away. Tell me if you see it come across where you live. Hopefully I didn't miss any good christmas prizes.

Today we have the returning elf hat sold in jam mart clothing for 300 gems!
This elf hat is actually much cuter than I remember it being last year on animals.

Here it is on Toucans:
Sorry I didn't get the full image, for some reason I didn't seem to take a full picture.

Reviewing/opinioning the painting program in the art studio: 
Okay, you were probably hoping this review to be something AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, INCREDIBLE! I am sorry it isn't that I am just giving an opinion/review on the paint program in the studio! I thought this would be kinda fun to do so without further ado let's check it out!
The colour options is good it's nice how you can switch the 8 colours, I also like how you can draw certain shapes and you have a bucket filler, there is also a spray tool, plus a blending tool thing aswell. To be honest though, I feel like there should be an option where you can change the brush size to whatever you want as well as more types of brushes and a few more specific parts of usual painting programs.
I am not really sure if this was an opinion or review. Eh, whatever!

Mini challenge:
Can you guess what jamaaliday item this is?
The first person who guesses this jamaaliday item right gets this item or a virtual cake photo!
So comment away your answers:)

Blog news:
Okay so as you may or may not know sometime between September and October I set some blog goals! The list has been on the blog since then and here it is if you haven't noticed it.
Okay so I am just gonna say if we have reached any of these goals by now okay.
50 000-55000 pageviews👍
5-10 comments a day
100-250+ views a day👍
600-650 posts
- On average about 1000 views a week👍

The stuff with thumbs up means the ones we have reached.
As you can see by the ones we have reached, I have to say that those are the main ones.
So let's do some new goals, about we try to do a few more goals by... I would say January 1st, but that means only 20 days sooo. We will do it so we have it by January 15th!
Sound like a plan?

Okay so new goals:
- 60 000- 65 000 pageviews
- 3+ comments on every post
- 600-650 posts
- 300-350 page views a day
- On average about 2000 page views a week
Hope we can achieve these by January 15th!

I will also be changing the template to a wintery theme! So stay tuned to check that out!
COMMENT DOWN: What do you want for Christmas?
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow byeeee!


  1. Oh, oh! Is it a wreath necklace? :O

    Nice goals! I would like to make some goals for myself as well but I feel like if I don't reach them, I'd feel bad! XD

    Also, welcome back!

  2. The Jamaaliday Hedge... AGAIN.....

    I hate how they keep re-releasing old items. X(


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