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Friday, November 11, 2016

50 000 pageviews announcements

- Try out a mini challenge
- Learn about some surprises!
Hey jammers!
Sorry I haven't gotten a chance to post all weeek. I mean I probably could of wednesday but I didn't feel like it.... Sorry:( Anyways in other news I was nominated on this blog for best aj blogger 2016! Thanks purple:)! I got these new pants and they are super duper duper comfy! 
Anyways let's get onto the post. I don't feel like doing a review/opinion cause I don't really know what to do for that....

Daily item:
Today we have the new maple glasses sold in jam mart clothing for 500 gems!
Hmm this item is interesting though I feel like it could be a bit cheaper like 350 gems maybe? And this item is definately nonmember worth!

The item on arctic wolves:

Blog news: 
Okay, okay, your probably thinking.... Hmm I wonder what this could be.
Well, firstly we have gotten 302 pageview the other day!
Holy crap nuggets thats a lot!!!!!!
Thank you for all of this guys:)

And we are almost at...
50 000 PAGEVIEWS!!!!
To celebrate I have 2 things planned.
1. A party, This will b next week probably Thursday or Friday. More updates on that coming soon..
2. We will be having our first AJLP fashion show!- Once again More updates coming on that soon.
If you have any fashion show ideas please comment them below!
Hope you guys are excited for these things to happen soon!

Mini challenge: 
Okay todays mini challenge is a fill in the blank with your own words!
Okay here we go...

Once upon a time there onced lived a _______________________________ giraffe.
Its name was___________________________.
This giraffe looked very__________and_______________.
It had some_________________________.
Once day it ate____________________poop. 
The_____________giraffe started to________________ everysecond.
Now the giraffe moved to______________________.
Where it lived_______________ever after.

Now for me to fill it in:

Once upon a time there onced lived a fabulous giraffe.
Its name was Henry.
This giraffe looked very funny and droopy.
It had some gorilla friends.
Once day it ate sparkly poop. 
The droopy giraffe started to burp and fart everysecond.
Now the giraffe moved to Turkey.
Where it lived lifeless ever after.


  1. Oh my goodness, Vi, you're so close!! Man, this blog has grown so much. :) You deserve every single view you get, Violet!

    1. It's always nice to read a message like this to end the day!

  2. Once upon a time, there once lived a poofy-haired giraffe. It's name was Jeff. This giraffe looked very poofy, of course, and dowdy (look it up XD). It had some anger issues. One day, it ate purple poop. The puffy giraffe started to dance and do cartwheels every second. Now the giraffe moved to Antarctica. Where it lived never ever after.

  3. Once Upon a Time there once was a pepe giraffe. It's name was Pepe. Pepe Looked very Pepe It had some Pepe pepe. One day it ate pepe poop. The pepe giraffe started to pepe every second. Now the giraffe moved to pepe where it lived dank ever after!1!1!/!


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