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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blog updates//FINALLY:P

Guess who it is? Back at it again with the white vanssssssXD Just kidding I don't even have vans the closest I have is keds and those are navy blue. Anyways. I guess I kinda took a small break from the game of animaljam and the world of blogging/blogs. But I think I am back for good! Or a long time until a mini break. Remember the goals on the side of my blog? Well let's start trying to get to those! 

Anyways... My main point of this post is....  I have some blog updates for you guys! Yes I know these were suppose to be done a month ago but cause of my hiatus I haven't really been able to do that so for further ado let's begin!!!

New post lay out!
This is actually something I have been excited for and wanted to try. I saw this on a blog the other summer runned by mimi2005 I think that's her user so credits to her on this and I thought Id give part of it a try. I mean only part of it is her idea but you will get the feeling... Here it is:
- Check out today's daily item!
- Find out what happens in violet's life
- Learn about tigers

Hey jammers! Welcome back! 
How are you all today?
Heres a little joke for you to think before you start reading...
How did the chicken cross the road?
Let's begin?

Daily item:                                                              Today we have the new______________
:Insert pic here:

It looks really cool!

Life of Violet: 
Today I was a couch potatoe... JK
Fun facts about togier:
They are orange and black.
Thats all for today jammers!
Don't forget to comment down your howls, opinion ideas, and jamaa spotlight ideas to be posted!
See ya tomorrow!
:Insert new signature:

And whats better than having a new post layout?
 A new posting schedule! WOO HOO!!!

Im actually not sure if I will be able to post on mondays anymore but i will try my best:)

Post schedule:
Monday- LOV+rim redo+topic
Tuesday- Free post+Jamaa news
Wednesday- LOV
Thursday- Jamaa journal(every other week)+Fun facts+Mini comic
Friday- Opinion/review+Mini challenge
Saturday- Free post+HOTW
Sunday- LOV+How to+Jamaa spotlight
LOV= Life of violet
HOTW= Howls of the week
Free post: Post anything
Note: There will probably be 1-3 days a week where I don't post so please don't get mad

So ya! I will have to update a few other things too but... Ya thats the major things!
I am now gonna make a new blog template, header and signature!
BYe guys!
SEe ya later! 
- VIolet


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2. Don't copy any people's comments
3. If you are commenting anonymous make sure to comment down your username as well
4. Please do not get mad at other jammers as well as bully, make sure to stay positive as this blog is suppose to be fun!
Thanks for following these rules!
- Violet


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