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Monday, September 5, 2016

The time I talked to a dinosaur

Today is officially my last day of summer Vacation:( Tomorrow school starts, I am a bit excited to be back like 2/10 excited but I don't really wanna go. These 2 months of summer felt like only 2 weeks of summer! Thats how fast it went by. Im hoping in my best friends class and we have a certain teacher. If I get the other teacher I will be a tad bit mad... Not a tad bit but very mad...

Today we have the rare custom tophat sold in the diamondshop for 2 diamonds!
At first everyone thought this item was glitched when it first came out, considering raspberry colour usually means an item is glitched. But AJ confirmed it not to be and it is suppose to be like that.

Here is what it looks like on raccoons:

I was trying to make an outfit out of this item but I dont have any glitched items sooooDX

So today I was in my unfinished den so I thought why not say hi to the dinosaur on the fridge.

He told me to come into the fridge considering I was super hungry I decided to.

AS soon as I opened it the dino locked me in there and never let me out!!!!!!!! 
You can try to come to my den and talk to that dino if you want. Please don't im warning you. But if you really want to you can!

Well you know Dino, you are the nicest thing ever.
I really appreciated it when you tricked me into having food:/

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
- Violet

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