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Monday, August 8, 2016

Music tag

Hey jammers!
Sorry for not posting this past weekend:( I went on a drive with my friends saturday and yesterday I honestly don't know why I didn't post! Anyways my birthday is sunday the 14th so in 6 days!! I wanna do a aj party, contest and an animaljam tag. So ya:) And then party will have a few surprises but it will either be sunday the day of or monday? Not quite sure yet!
Does anyone read this above? Cause if not I feel like I am wasting my time to post it^^

Today we have the rare key tar sold in jam mart clothing for 850 gems!
I haven't actually ever heard of a keytar in my whole life! I searched it up and it is actually a thing...
I think it should be 750 but thats just me. This rim actually doesn't seem like it deserves a redo.

Here is what it looks like on an arctic wolf.

I realized something today just by making this post while being jamaa township.
Have you guys noticed how big polar bears are compared to newer animals these days?
Which also makes me realize all the new animals lately have been small we actually haven't had a big new animal in awhile tbh. Wow.

Cookycupcake's animaljam music tag
I would like to thank lostfairy for tagging me in this! I have always wanted to a tag before but no one has ever tagged me.. Unless I didn't notice? Anyways thanks for doing that lostfairy!
1. First concert: 5sos aka 5 seconds of summer... Sounds live feels live tour. This was actually just a few weeks ago and it was the best night of my life
2. Music type: Pop usually depending on the song though
3. Song obsessed with currently: Either close by Nick jonas featuring Tove lo or Can't stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake
4. Favourite album: Sounds good feels good ( by 5 seconds of summer)
5. Fav artist or band: 5SOS ALL THE WAY PEEPS! I do like Nick jonas but as much as 5sos like I love themmmmmmmmm:)
6. Which instrument do you play? I don't play an instrument because I do dance

As you can see out of this I am a huge 5sos fan... Hehe. 
I would tag some people but I don't really know who to tag cause I think everyone has been taggedXD So I will just leave it at that.

Violet's drawing
Im actually pretty impressed with this dog drawing! 
Its one of my better ones and s gonna be new profile picture on all social medias! 
I tried to make it a masterpiece but you know aj had to glitch so I am gonna retry it:0

Thats all for today jammers! 
See ya tomorrow!
- Violet


  1. I always read the top part!

    Hehe, when I saw the question " Favorite Band/Artist?", I thought " I'm pretty sure Violet's is 5SOS!".

  2. Also, I'm sorry I forgot to tag you. I just thought that maybe you wouldn't be around, and you wouldn't see if I had tagged you.


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