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Thursday, June 23, 2016

New spikes

Hey jammers!
Its been so long? Im deeply sorry about not posting in the past 2 weeks has it been?
Its just last week I didn't have enough time to post and this week I just have wanted to do other things! I finish school next wednesday but the first days of summer break I am hanging out with friends at a party. So starting next weekend(Something like that) I should have posts everyday! I will try to promise that it will happen but if there is a day or 2 missing during the week don't be surprised.
Anyways today we have the update so lets begin! 
Oh there will be no post tomorrow or saturday due to volunteering I have to wake up a quarter to 5 on saturday! Isn't that crazy?
Page 1
Ok so to start off with we have a spike sale where you can all spiked items in new 8 colours only this weekend though.

Page 2
A new den? Didn't we just get a new one not even to long ago?
Well I am gonna get this even though I haven't even decorated the pecks den yetXD
They had this added to play wild and it didn't seem that big. Hopefully it stays that same cause it would be a nice den.

Page 3
Pet penguins are on sale for 2 diamonds! Yippee! get 1 while they last... Just kidding they never get sold out:P
The freedom party is back!

Page 4
Image credits to naffy/AJ whip
A new movie place for wild explorers not that anyone even watches those videos... I know I don't.
Its in coral canyons so thats nice:) 

Page 5
You can now save and load masterpieces. This means if your half way through a drawing and have to go then you can save it and load it another time. To finish. They also added new picture frame!

Page 6
A new animal is coming already? But the pigs just arrived. That mean probably by early august or late july we will have a new animal. I am not really sure what it could be but here are the clues:
- Its nocturnal
- Has long legs
-Lives in trees
This animal has a lot of options guess we have to wait until 2 weeks to find out what it is then!

Page 7
Pet hippo reminder!

I rate this a 7/10

My internet has been super duper slow lately. Usually its slow but its actually like can't do anything slow so I am surprised I am typing you a post right now...

See ya later jammers!


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