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Friday, May 6, 2016

Please don't bite my head off

Hey jammers!
So for about a month now  Ihave been waiting for a cabinet for my room to use as a night stand to come back in stock so we can order it. So about maybe 2 weeks ago it came back in stock so we ordered it, on tuesday it came. Last night my brother and I were putting it together I fell asleep before we finished, so my mom came in to help. So the bottom drawer of the cabinet, well you see its crooked and takes a lot of force to open. Its also quite slow when you open it:/ We followed the instructions and did everything right. The top drawer and everything else is fine. Now my mom says we are gonna send it back. But we don't know if the one we got is just a dud or if they are all gonna be like that? So ya. Sorry for not posting the past few days I was studying a bit and ya. I am gonna try to update the blog a bit with a new template, header, side and pages which will probably slowly happen... OH TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER! WE HAVE ONLY GOTTEN ONE ENTRY:'( The stuff will be probably be longer for when you can no longer enter. Its actually quite frustrating when you give people a contest and a giveaway to enter and they have 3 weeks to enter but they don't even though they read this blog every single day. 
Here is the koala drawing I said I would show since it didn't wanna post the other day:)

Violet's drawing
I actually really like this koala its soon cute and its the bestest computer drawing I have ever done to be honest! 

Today we have the new chopper plant hat sold in jam mart clothing for 900 gems!
May I say this is actually quite interesting for a hat.
Wouldn't it just bite the head off? Or what? Like no one wants their head bitten off.

Remember I said if anyone could guess the new difference in the blog which was a mouse they would get awarded? WELL GUESS WHAT SWIRLSHINE GUESSED RIGHT! CONGRATS SWIRLSHINE YOU WILL GET A NICE BIG VIRTUAL HUG! *Gives virtual hug to swirl shine*
So yes the mouse the blog has changed to animal jam's actual mouse. YAY!

Thats all for today jammers!
Sorry for the short post:O 
See ya maybe this weekend! Bye!
- Violet


  1. That stinks that your cabinet was a dud or something. OH! How can I entry? :D I would love to! Cute koala drawing! I am not very good at online drawing either. I like drawing with my good ol' pencil. ;P And hey, why did you change your background? In my opinion, when it was greener, it was nicer... Sorry! I don't want to be rude... :(
    Great post! :D

    1. Thanks, I changed it cause it had been like the green version for a few months and it's fun to change the blogs template every few months. It's okay:)

    2. Ohhh, that makes sense! :D I just almost thought I had never been here! XD


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