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Monday, February 1, 2016

The good rim

Hey jammers!
I am really cold right now well not really but I have a cold breeze coming by me cause the window is open and I am not aloud to close it:?
Anyways if you saw my 1 sentence post from yesterday.. I AM ALOUD A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!
I will be posting about 75% AJ and the other 25% will be other games:)
But I can't make videos yet though I have to make an intro, outro, channel trailer and I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!!!

Today we have the rare ribbon scarf sold in jam mart clothing for 1000 gems!
This is an actual quite nice looking scarf!
Even though its recoloured its a tad bit expensive, but lets look on the bright side...

I choose not to do the rim redo just cause you know...
I actually really like this item:)

Violet's drawing
Today I drew a face with the yes and no buttons.
The buttons are the eyes if you couldn't tellXD
And it has a little horse shoe mouth......

Now watch meh whip
Now watch meh nae nae
Whip whip watch meh nae nae!
I just thought of something...
How many of you would like to a contest or party sometime soon?
Comment below what you would like!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow.... Almost just spoiled tomorrows post XD


  1. Ooo yes, a valentines party would be great!

  2. I like the scarf but personally think it might look nicer if it was a brighter shade of yellow. It's kind of a dull pale yellow, it would be nice if it was brighter.


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