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Sunday, January 31, 2016


Guess who's aloud to get a YouTube channel?!


  1. Omg! You? Awesome! In fact, I think I might be getting one soon too! Be sure to post the name of your account so I can subscribe to it and watch all your vids! :)

  2. You friend's cousin's dad's exwife's cat's flea's germs?

  3. You spelt aloud wrong, it's allowed. I get it wrong too... Eh. I thought everyone complained about how much drama thos things make but it's your choice.

    1. Oh well everyone makes mistakes. And yes the flea germsXD

  4. Oh I'm so late to the commenting craze, oopsies! xD

    Congrats Violet!!!

  5. Oh I'm so late to the commenting craze, oopsies! xD

    Congrats Violet!!!


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