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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bringing rares back rant

Hey jammers!
I hope you are enjoying the new template I added!
Yup it will probably stay like that for all of the winter... I was trying to work on the side bars and pages but ill probably leave the pages for another day but work on them a bit.... 
So ya....

Today we have the arctic coat sold in the shiver shop for 250 gems!
OK ok... Its nice of you to bring back an item thats rare and very popular...
But I mean you're kinda cutting close..... Lets do this rant today!
Okay... Its pretty cheap which is nice soooo ya...

Okay soooo.....
This message is to AJ and AJLP readers(of course)!
Okay so I just wanted to say..... Its nice to bring rares back cause it causes less scamming in all which is good, but I mean if you bring all rares back then what will jammers have to collect? COLLECT you say? YES COLLECT! We have nothing to collect in jamaa besides rares.... If your bringing a rare back like the arctic coat make it in different colours... I don't mind them as in AJ bringing the odd rare back but if you start doing more and more and more and more what will we have to collect?
So yes I know it will stop scamming which needs to stop but bringing back rares won't exactly help there are still a billion other items to scam from people... So to summarize this rant all I am saying is that it would be nice if only they brought the odd rare back and not all so we have things to collect! I know its been the odd rare coming back but I can predict that AJ is planning to bring back all rares...
Well comment what you think!

Art requests
Woooooo well this is super late um... 
Im really sorry for being so late Cooky I just haven't had time and kept forgetting to do it...
So here is the signature you asked for awhile ago....
Hope you enjoy it! 
If you would like any signatures or drawings please go to the art commissions page which needs to be updated!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
I also made myself a new signature...
Ya I love it! XD Also where is the jamaa update?


  1. AJ isn't all about collecting though.

  2. I agree. But, AJ isn't all about rares, though. I prefer buddies over rares. :3 Nice signature! <3

  3. @purplestarclub. And @iloppio ik it's not all about rares and collecting all I was trying to say was lots if people like to collect rares and collect stuff that's all....

    Thanks everyone!


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