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Monday, December 7, 2015

More unreleasness?

Hey jammers!
I have a stuffy nose right now and a bit of a cough. I also misplaced a form thats due tomorrow!
Im actually forcing myself to make a post right now cause I honestly do not want to make a post.
There may or may not be a post tomorrow cause I have to study for a history test.

Today's jamaaliday gift is the jamaaliday hedge!
Ya it didn't exactly show the hedge..... 

Today we have the recoloured to christmassy coloured mask thing sold in jam mart clothing for 850 gems!
Woah woah woah woaaaaahhhhhh. 850 gems?1?! THATS CRAZY!!!!! They were  making these rim's a good price but 850 gems? Thats crazy!!!!!

Future items
You may recall a few weeks ago me posting unreleased plushies we'll theres more to that!
So it used to be call Fancy Castle or something like that well now its Jamaaliday house.
You can find this by going to the epic dens list on the map!

Now I only noticed 3 since one already got released. So there may be more but you know you can see it for yourself :)!

The first one is the lynx plushie. 
This might of been in the other but I couldn't remember.

This is a baking table which looks so amazing I am so tempted to go and get this table some how!

The last is a giant polar bear plushie.
This actually looks quite cute and adorable!

I feel like every update is gonna have a den owned by aj with unreleased items like those.
So for now I will check and have a catch up post with that if there is any! 

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. I hate tests! I've got finals coming up next week..ew!!
    Feel better soon Violet <3

    It would be so cool in my opinion if lynx plushies became available! Bonus points if they go to The Claw for all Jammers!

    The rare yeti mask is pretty neat I guess. Reminds me of the Matterhorn in Disneyland.

    And maybe, just maybe, the Jamaaliday house will improve from last years?


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