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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The unreleased plushies

Hey jammers!
Now today I have well let's just say a lot of things to do.
Well maybe not a lot but you know...
I wanna vacuum the house today, then make magnets, Heris the magnet process: make polymer clay creations, then I have to glue the magnets on the back somehow and let them dry:) So ya. After that depending what time it is I should be able to give the blog a new template! Since its past Halloween... I may also edit the side bars and add a new poll for today! Now to get onto to the post. I was gonna post the playwild updates but you know something else has happened recently in aj. So to,or row will be the playwild update!
I probably should do belle the rhino soon...

Some of you may know this already but there has been unreleased plushies in AJHQ's den.
You may be thinking AJHQ doesn't have a den. What's there username? I want too see!
Well in order to go see the plushies yourself you have to do this.

Go to the epic dens list and click fantasy castle.
This will bring you to AJHQ's den!

Now go to the second room.

Here you see the plushies. There is an otter, lynx, llama(with big cute eyes) and a hyena!
I know we have all been waiting for these!
I took close ups of the plushies though the quality isn't the best since I was on puffin.





What do you think of these unreleased plushies? Would you get them?
I'm so glad we now know they are coming though! 
Perhaps the next update? We will just have to wait and see!
I honestly thing they are adorable especially the Lynx and the llama cause they have huge eyes!

Now moving onto Today's item.
Today we have the new pumpkin planter in jam mart furniture for 550 gems!

I have to admit this pumpkin is quite handy.
It's a pretty cool item too.
I don't why I just find it fascinating XD
Super duper fascinating.

Well that's all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


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