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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rock outfitters

Hey jammers!
I hope I will get to update the blog's template today and the side bars:)
If not then I will on thursday?  I only have like an hour plus I have to watch videos with my sis.
Anyways. Random question.
What is the difference between an alligator and crocodile?
I feel stupid asking that but really I've always wanted to know but it just never ever happened.
I know one is bigger than the other or something...

Today we have the new space rock collection sold in the astronomy store in the arcade for 600 gems!
I haven't really been posting the astronomy items.. Whoops!
I really have to say this item set is really interesting even though there is only one item thats nonmember. Poor nonmembers. But let's get back to the item I have to say its a good item maybe it could be a tad bit cheaper but after all rocks like those are pretty expensive in real life.

Today's topic is aj outfitters!
Some of you guys may wonder what aj outfitters is.
You see it at the bottom of your play screen every time you go on aj.
So now lets talk about it!

What is AJ outfitters?
Aj outfitters is where you can buy aj merch or memberships/membership cards for example.

What can you buy?
You can buy things like, memberships, tote bags, sweaters, mouse pads, magazines and much much more!

What are the price ranges?
I am not exactly sure but for the merch probably around 10-30 dollars.

Why does it exist?
Let's just say with out the merch aj would probably be shut down by now. (probably)
Well it really exists to make money of course! It also probably exists so many kids/teens can have something out of animal jam if you truly indeed are obsessed with the game XD

Hope these answers helped a bit!
If you have any more questions about the aj outfitters!
Be sure to comment below!

Now I am sure you guys have been looking at this poll everyday for around probably 3months now.
And it ended a looong time ago! Now I will post the results! A new poll will be arriving soon or maybe just maybe 2 will! 

Jamaa update
Did you know that bread bear loves bread?

Of course yah didn't XD

That's all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. Alligators' snouts are wider and have a rounder end, while crocodiles' snouts are more narrow and are more pointed at the end. Well, I'm pretty sure..

  2. Rocks are expensive huh.
    :goes to school and picks up as many rocks as I can and shoves them into a plastic bag:
    How much will these sell for?


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