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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Playwild Halloween update!

Hey jammers! 
I am sorry for no post yesterday or Friday! Friday I was getting onesies with 2 of my friends and I needed new uggs which I didn't get but I found some  that I loved.(I will get you hopefully this week uggs:))
And yesterday I wanted to finish I my c.art account logo which I should really put on this blog and the account too!
So I am gonna be posting playwild updates now which only happen like every other month or something:)
But I before I start.

Today we have the returning creature mask sold in jam mart clothing for 300 gems!

This creature mask is now back.
It kinda looks like it's a vampire cause it has the 2 fangs and its lips are bloody.

Play wild update!
So  a lot of things happened in this update!
So let's get started!

So in Jamaa township there is a fountain now.
I don't remember if it was always there. But Jamaa is looking more haunted then usual.
In the other lands there are just jackolanterns so not to much special spooky things.

Now this is what the phantom vortex looks like.
It's pretty much the same as on AJ!

Now the game in the vortex is much different then the one on aj.
It's a supersweets game. I guess once you beat the game you get a prize. Cause I got a bat balloon.

Also in this update they added a haunted mansion and a phantom flight suit!
I wonder if the suit makes you fly? That would be pretty cool.
These things cost a lot and I don't have enough money right now to buy that and I don't even want too....

The map is also all dark and gothic looking kinda, but it does make it clear where the phantom vortex's are.
So that's the update!
I also noticed there wasn't much new Halloween items:(
That's all for today jammers!
See ya on Tuesday!
Cause no post tomorrow:(
- Violet


  1. The armor actually does make you fly, I saw people hovering around in the Township! Also, I am on Play Wild now, so maybe you can buddy me? :) Username is swirlshine, of course

    1. Hiiii.. I MIGHT still have that wizard hat :3


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