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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The weekend

Hey jammers!
So today people had pizza and stuff at lunch and I was at school so I missed out:(
BUT THERE IS LEFT OVERS:) I have hope and I've been waiting like an hour for the pizza to see if the people are taking any home. And I'm starving to death!!!!
Today we have the jamaa journal update which I forgot about until I remembered in class.
Aj is taking forever to load so I will just have to wait.

So today is jamaa journal  update!
So let's see what we have in stock.

So we have returning pet tarantulas.
I didn't really care about the pet tarantulas cause they do come back every year so I have to admit.

So remember when spiked collars left the diamond shop awhile ago?
Well now they are back for this weekend only! 
I am like totally gonna stock up XD
I just remembered something.... I need to get my halloween den items out before its to late.
Theres probably no time though. Also I need to get the glitchy gear set too!

Haunted forest party is now back!
Fun facts are all around jamaa now! Maybe I will post those fun facts this weekend!

A new animal will be coming in about a month!!! 
YAY!!! You need to find clues around jamaa to see what animal it is.
Spoiler alert: Its in mount shiver and its a arctic fox:O 
Didn't we like just get a new animal not even 2 months ago? Well we better get more space for this animal though. It will probably be leaked.

Polarbears are now on cards and when you redeem it !
Wait what animal just went travelling? Was it the polar bear?!!
They said polar bears are travelling so you can't get them until they are back.
Now let's look...

So on instgram I wanna change my bio which I made a new one and I can't cause theres a glitch which makes me not be able to edit it. And there was an update yesterday and it hasn't fixed the glitch...

So now you can make your name tag say your user instead of your animal name like on play wild:P

Also here is where the hint is for the jamaa journal update.
It's now open and doesn't have a seal?
Whatever it is it does look like an arctic fox!
I rate this update 4.5/10

Thats all for today jammers!
We still have grahams workshop.
Time to play bitter sweets and get prizes!

PS I finally ate that pizza:)

1 comment:

  1. They don't know what animal it is or when it's coming out, but thy know that there is a clue in Jamaa. If thy know that there is a clye, they must know WHERE the clue is..
    /).(\ AJ needs some major common sense fix ups.. I should make a comic about this..


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