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Friday, September 18, 2015

Places for new adventures (ABC)

Hey jammers!
 I am like super hot right now.
Like really really hot! And its not even that hot outside...
Today will be a post with out anything from the schedule.
Its just I don't like posting the sameeeee things all the time.
Sooo today was an early release day for me yay! Except my bus came 20 minutes late:(
It was also special lunch day so my brother and I split a full rack of ribs with each other!
And my shorts have a whole in them now... I guess I will live for a few more weeks when its not short weather any more right?

Today we have the returning shell armour sold in bahari bargains for 350/ 300 gems!
So these 2 items are obviously 
Related but the green colours looks very nice! 
Get it shellfish! Hahaha but I'm not gonna become selfish causes thats horrible.

Places for new adventures in the base camp
So today I will be showing you places that could be used as an adventure in the adventure base camp.
In the title it says (abc) Which stands for adventure base camp. Unless you didn't know and thought I was being crazy and just put random letters in brackets XD

So the first one looks like a cave.
This cave is by the water when you go down the ladder near the water base camp.
This could either be a cave adventure much like the hive.
To me it seems like we will have to for awhile. Since the vines are covering it up!
We will just have to wait and see!

The second place has a bunch of crystals near it.

This place is by the hive.
It looks like it could be turned into a place where we have an adventure.
Though it may just be a place to chill since its a flat surface.

These were all the places I could find today soo ya.
Thank you for reading this topic it may be in the new schedule or something idk.


Thats all for today jammers!
See ya this weekend!
- violet


  1. You haven't posted the winner of the contest :/ it's been 13 days since it was over.....

    1. Well.... Do you not have patience? I haven't had much time to announce the winners and I said they would be announced this week the week is not over yet:/ No one else has complained yet!

  2. Yesterday was a P.D day for my high school, meaning we start at 9:30 and end at 2:00. ((:
    it was 106 degrees outside here today, but because of the tsunami warnings all of our beaches are closed.

  3. 106 degrees! Start school at 9:30? ARE YOU SERIOUS!
    Right now in Michigan, Temps are dropping down to the 50s and it was pouring down yesterday. Today i have to go to my strawberry bush and chop it down with a machete. I love doing things with my dad!


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