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Monday, September 14, 2015


Hey  jammers!
So I didn't go to the fair yesterday I ran out of time while baking pies banana cream and pumpkking:)
But my mom said if theres another fair going on we can go which there is one this weekend:D YAY!
I haven't made the schedule yet but I will announce it this week and the winners to the contest as soon as I get a chance! Also apparently I'm my teachers friend and him and I went to the mall together on the weekendXD He was just joking though.

Today we have the "rare" monkey hat sold in the conservation museum for 650 gems!
May I say that these colour choices the most ugliest things ever?
I mean like really. Now I think 650 is a good price but since the colours are blah maybe i'd make it 625 bump the price down by 25 gems! Thats right. A good thing is the green eyes look very nice on this.

Rim redo
These colours are much much more bright and differenter than usual!
Now if you would like to buy my version please click here:
Mine is free you just need to um give meh your password?
Just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But seriously comment which one you like better or else....
The boogie man will come! DUN DUN DUN!

Mysterious monday mystery
Comment the EXACT location of ThIS PiCTUre fOR A cHAncE To WIn a PRizE.

That's all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. Replies
    1. The donate to the cats box. (No one collects the money in there)

  2. Hello violet! Nice redo of the rare! i may be a non member at the moment but i would have totally bought your version!
    the picture is the donation box in the conversation museum, i realized what it was because of the lock on it. To be more descriptive the box is between a turtle and ape picture, on top is the donate! sign.
    Great post!
    Your buddy,


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