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Monday, August 3, 2015

Recoloured shoes yay!!!!

Hey jammers!
A bird pooped on me today:D
No not good very disgusting waaaaaa!

Today we have the recoloured rim cowboy shoes sold in jam mart clothing for 700 gems!
These colours are a bit girlish don't you think?
And I like how its 700 gems for a recoloured item how nice?

Rim redo
Who here likes my fail rushed rim redo?
I know I sure do!
But really it sucks :)

Mysterious monday mystery
Comment the exact location for a chance to win a prize.

Mini challenge
Today I don't have much of a mini challenge just that you have to do 5 jumping jacks
3 push ups and ugh run in place for 5 minutes while commenting I see pancakes.
But every movement you do so one jumping jack is 1 letter you have to type the first letter.

I don't know how to say this but...
Lately I've been feeling pretty down on aj.
Its not because of AJ in general its because of my buddies on aj who are saying things about me that aren't true and are causing drama. 
Remember when I said a week  or 2 ago I lost 2 buddies?
Well that started it.
Then now I tell my buddy BALAUR to stop being rude to the sws.
And she told 2 of my buddies who I think now pretty much think I'm mean.
And balaur counted that as "betrayal".
She then also said her blog that I was doing I don't know how to say it on here but here is her post.
 So ya. Apparently she says the disturbing thing was on my jammer wall:/
Here I will put what she said in tiny tiny font.
She said I was doing se*ual behaviour. 
Erm this is soooo annoying.




  1. Violet, this is unnessecary. Instead of complaining to complete strangers go complain to Big Momma Cerise if you will.

    1. Ok Balaur its called telling people your feelings not complaining also can you stop with the big momma cerise it's getting pretty rude. Like I said yesterday I can't handle this anymore you didn't need to make a post with me in it cause I did nothing wrong except tell you to stop being rude and annoying to the society that's all and now you are thinking I'm hiding something? Really? I'm not so please stop with your rudeness

    2. Balaur, stop. You're actually the one being unnessacery. Put the drama somewhere else. Nobody did anything to you.

  2. Stop being mean to Violet, please, Balaur, she didn't do anything wrong! And don't spread it to her blog as well! And it doesn't seem like you are following rules 2 and 3 of commenting below! Please keep your hate to yourself, and be nice to Violet!

    1. Hey swirlshine!
      Go to my blog, animaljamroze.blogspot.com, and read My First Sketches post, I made a siggy (signature) for you, you can look at it and if you like it, tell me an email that you're okay sharing with me, and I'll send you the siggy! If you want you can just view the siggy and vut the part that you want, out.

  3. Oh my gosh! I LOVE it iLoppio! I will totally use it on my blog, theweeklyjammernews.blogspot.com
    I will just take a screenshot of my part, because its probably easier, and I dont have my own email yet.Thanks again, its adorable! :D


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