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Thursday, August 13, 2015

BUSY as a bee (not really)

Hey jammers!
Today I was busy as a bee! Not really well kinda.
Well I was busy from 7- 11 working then for the whole afternoon I was doing perler beads with my sister so ya....
Oh and don't forget about lunch;)

Today we have the returning cat plushie sold in the summer carnival for 750 or 1 500 tickets!
I noticed yesterday that the butterflies came back too!
And all the plushies are back to normal. Last year they never changed the plushies back to normal so ya:( I also noticed that the 3 new plushies we got awhile ago aren't there anymore:(
Hopefully they will return some day:(
Actually I'm not sure this is returning I think it magically switched:( 
But maybe ajhq is doing a new item every other day? I hope not:(
Why such a long paragraph? Why so many :( faces?

Violet's drawing
 I drew a lil bunny hehe:)
Its front legs are stubby!
But the back legs look pawfecto. I wasn't exactly sure how to draw the front legs sooooo..

Here is da party reminder:)
Remember its bee themed so dress up as a bee!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!

- VIOlet



  2. Darn! I'm not sure if I can come to your party on Sunday, Violet.
    Cute bunny drawing tho!

  3. I.Must.Remember.To.Come.To.Your.Party!!

    And cute bunny!

  4. Since it's on the weekend, I think I can come.


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