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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Beta party

Hey jammers! 
Yesterday the party didn't turn out so well only 2 jammers came then one had to go after 10 minutes.
I was thinking I could host it sometime later this week or next week except it won't be a birthday party just a bee themed party. It will also give me more time to decorate my den too! 
It probably won't be this week cause tomorrow I'm gone. But we will see as of Tuesday
In other news I would like to share what I got for my bday!
- 12 month aj member ship(yay saves me moneyXD)
- 4 copics
- 50$ iTunes gift (I can get the fox and treehouse den on play wild)
- Purse for my iPad
- Keds( from my uncle)
Hehe! I feel spoiled this year. Plus I be getting 2 other presents from half sister and brother in who knows how long! And I got a blobfish cake I didn't take picture but my sister said they took a lot pictures sooooo.
Yea. This is a long intro but whatever :P and um um oh ya no post tomorrow. There won't be many posts this week cause tomorrow I'm not home then Friday Saturday and Sunday I'm camping sooooo ya.

Today we have the new nothing sold for 0 gems!
Yay? I checked every store and didn't find it :O
I think they are doing it every other day which makes me mad>:( now I'm turning evil...
Hehehe. This post has been pretty much text.
That will end now:)

Beta party 
Now I know this is kinda late but I thought I'd do it now since um...
I didn't do it before? And it's the first I've been to the party this year;)

When you walk in there is a bridge to inside and then a small beach thing.

On the bottom floor it sells items and is basically a party area.

On the second floor it's the entrance which is the middle floor.

On the top floor you see pictures of the original animals.
OMG I just realized that the original animals are what the animal the alphas are:)

And that's pretty much it....
Teen choice is on tonight.
I would if you haven't entered the contest yet to do so now it's on the left side and no email is required.

These are my Keds they are size 6 I'm a size 4 but. They didn't feel that big plus I'll grow into them so ya.
And now I need toms, vans, moccasins but Keds are like a skinner Version of vans and vans are a wider version of keds:O

I should end this post....

That's all for today jammers!
See ya on Tuesday!


  1. I meant to go to your party, but I forgot about it till a few hours after it had ended.

    1. (This is Racer18808 btw, just using my other account)

  2. Your having another party?! I thought I had to wait 365 days for another one of Violet's parties. I missed it because I firgot to set an alarm. When's the party? I MUUUST COME.

  3. Oh and um.. Maybe can you go to my blog and vote on the poll I made? It's animaljamroze.blogspot.com

  4. The pet piglet plushie is out at the Carnival.
    Nice siggy e:

  5. Happy late birthday!
    I haven't ever owned Keds. I have a pair of Toms and also some Ugg Boots, Vans, Converse, and more. I prefer Toms myself. ((: I'm a size 7 1/2
    You're very lucky to get Copics. I got a set of $50 Prismacolor pencils and now I have no spare money for markers. *sigh*
    Also a blobfish cake? I wonder how that looked..


  6. Hope I can come to your resceduled party :) I should be able to since I made this one


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