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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Star shocker!

Hey jammers!
I first went in my dashboard today and noticed that yesterday we got over 117 page views in one day!
Now we haven't had over 100 page views in awhile so I'm super proud of you guys!
Thanks so much if we can keep this going then by my birthday in August we can have hopefully 30 000 page views:) Now wouldn't that be jolly?

Today we've already got 68 page views. 
Just wait. This may change:( Hopefully we'll keep getting over 100 page views a day.

Plushie challenge

Okay it looks like everyone has been working on there plushie den so far!
Remember you have until the end of this month to do so And a bit into August.
So don't rush. 
Here is the progress....

This is a good start so far! I hope it will be filled all the way by the end of the month!
Keep up the great work:)


Since you are a nonmember you can use 2 dens if you want. Or use a storage account to make another so ya.
Your whole den is basically full which AWESOME! 
Keep up the great work:)


I wasn't exactly sure if this was the plushie den/section you wanted.
But it looks like you have a lot of big plushies! Please don't put only big plushies.
Keep up the good work!:)

I hope to see more progress next weekend.
Today we have the returning star necklace sold in the summer carnival for 2000 tickets!

I'm really glad they are adding returning items cause I need more raccoon tails XD.
Slowly but surely they will come back like the star necklace which is awesome!

Before I end this post I would to share something.
I am getting an emoji throw pillow in the mail!
I ordered it yesterday on eBay for 7 dollars.
This is the one I'm getting!
I'm so excited though I have wait a while since it's from Hong Kong:(
I am eventually gonna get more of these.

That's all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. Wait..
    We have to do MORE!?
    Oky then.
    Anyways, CONGRATS!
    To the oyher plushie contestants and th views! ^.^
    I'll probably refresh the page a few times :P

    1. I've said before you have the who,e month to work on it

  2. Congratulations on the page views! I always knew that this blog had great potential! I'll try my hardest to make sure that your blog gets tons of page views by your birthday! ^.^

    Also, I had a den about two weeks before that was filled with plushies that I would prefer to enter: could I leave my actual entry den up for about three days so you can have enough time to take the contest entry picture? If you need more time I can leave it up longer.

    And that is an AWESOME emoji pillow! I am obsessed with emojis and NEED to get some emoji room decor. :P


    1. Okay, my den NOW is the one that I want. ^.^ Thank you for being so patient with me and my craziness!

    2. Could you change it back on Friday I won't need the picture until this weekend

    3. Sure! ^.^ I'll just leave it up because I'll most definitely forget to change it on Friday. :P

  3. Yay, I'm glad you like it Violet! I am not sure I can fill it up any more though, my inventory is full :( We shall see thou :) Oh BTW, AWESOME emote pillow! I want one now!!

  4. I have been waiting until like, 12:15AM for your next post and it still isn't here yet. Normally you post at 10:30AM or something. (in my time) WHERE IS DA POOOST??

    1. Did you remember that I do early posts on weekends only?

    2. Um.
      I live in Australia.
      I dunno the Time Zone in Canada.
      So I am clueless.

  5. I always enjoyed visiting plushie dens! ^.^


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