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Monday, June 15, 2015


Hey jammers!
I was gonna post in Saturday except I forgot then I remembered and planed to do it except I had no time.
Yesterday I made a post and tried to post it except my. Internet was soooo slow it didn't post and got deleted.
So now I have to redo that whole post this weekend yay? Talk about yay? Not yay? Or yay! 
It's called sarcasm peeps! Hehehelets get on to the main post....
Today we have the new rare item Monday which is the hola skirt sold in jam mart clothing for 600 gems!

Is it me or did we just have a rare hula skirt the other month? Cause I remember this item as a rim.
And yes another recoloured item woohoo! But let's look on the bright side it's is 600 gems that's a good deal.
Goodie gumdrops! Mmmmmm gumdrops....

Rim redo

I know it's a bit messed up but you know what who cares?
I think the flowers should be bright and beautiful like the horrible ones I drew.
Aren't they the most horrible?
Yes violet they are.
Ikr snazzier snout ghsubfnrkeksxjnccnjfnvkrkiehrntmemsnabcjtoruehcngktotksnvhihihi hiccup cup cup cup.
Random talk XD

Mini challenge

Okay so this mini challenge is a bit random if I must say myself.
It's kinda a dare... You don't have to do it unless your brave and want to.
So what you have to do is go to one of the lands. The land must have a lot of jammers.
So go to a group with a lot of jammers and say...
Why you staring at me?!?! 
Then do the :) emoji.
Once you get a respond come here and comment the respond or responses.
Hope you have fun with this challenge!
Don't forget if you have any challenges you can post them down in the comments thanks!

Mysterious Monday mystery

This is probably super easy!
Comment the exact location for a prize! 
It's soooo mysssstterrrrioous....
.....random ghost is here.....

Art requests
This was in my post from yesterday that never posted and got deleted...

This is your art request Swirlshine.
Sorry it's late.
I tried to do a galaxy background but I couldn't figure out how exactly so your background is like sprinkles from a donut.
Maybe since it's a donut you can eat it?
Well I hope you like it!

See ya later jammers!


  1. What's what's up with all the dots at the end?


  3. Kimbara Outback!

    Just in case you were wondering I'm Sweetiepiethebear.


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