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Monday, May 18, 2015

Contest results!

Hey jammers! 
I am finally doing the contest results so yay!
The winner of all entries is....
Your prize will be sent! 
As to all of you guys I will send all your guys land ideas to ajhq! 
Here is everyone's entry.
Username: Jammmer3l0fj
Land: Blazing Forest
Landscape: This rain forest is filled with many different animals. Monkeys (both the jammers and others) can be seen in the trees. A poison dart frog can be seen in the corner, and toucans from above. Their is a game called rainforest race here where you must race through the forest and try to beat the other jammers. A small stream runs through the edge of the forest, and rain can be heard and seen. A new animal comes with the forest, a boa constrictor. This animal must be earned instead of bought (you can get it in adventures if you get to a certain level). Toucans, Frogs, Gorillas, Parrots, Jaguars and lemurs would also arrive. Their are small caves, which are great for roleplaying in. One of the caves has a store inside with new and old items in it. Their are a lot of trees in this land though. And its a bigger land a bit larger then then the sky den. 

Username: owlthebasquie0
Land Name: Cruise Ship 
In The Land: Water (lots of it!), Shops, Tiny Islands (about 3 or 4) With Palm Trees on them, and Smoothies :3

Name: Petopia Peaks
In Land: It is the unused place above Appondale. It has a stream running through the center, which was made by a waterfall on the side, and the place is mostly mountains that you can climb. At the bottom of a tall mountain, there is a shop that sells animal masks, furs, and tail armors! 

Username: arcticpenguin11
Delta Flats
Located North of Appondale and West of Mt. Shiveer
Community build on a river

Boat Rentals (located inside the Boat House) - sells den items like ponds, yachts, and canoes for members along with buoys, scuba flippers and kayaks for nonmembers
Souvenir Stop (located inside the Museum of Jamaa) - sells Jamaa-themed items like snow globes for your den and t-shirts in the clothing section
Snazzy Styles (located in Cute Couture) - a special clothing item shop with 'fashionable items' like sunglasses and necklaces

The Boat House - a wooden building built on the riverbank with boating, canoeing, kayaking, etc. gear strewn around. Contains the Boat Rentals store
Cute Couture - a fashion studio that contains the Snazzy Styles shop and a secret version of Best Dressed
Graham's Workshop - a small room filled with gears and other mechanical parts
Museum of Jamaa - A huge room with three floors like the Chamber of Knowledge in Zios. The first floor has video clips like the myths of Jamaa clip you could watch with old intro. The second floor has printable activities and the top floor is more 'modern' Jamaa and contains Souvenir Stop

River Race: This new land will bring back the game that was deleted in 2012
History Ticker: Located on the second floor of the Museum of Jamaa, this gives you a quiz about what you learn in the Museum

As the entire mini-city is built on a river, that is major body of water. It comes from a the mountains Northwest of the land and flows toward Jamaa Township

Trees: The swampy biome makes it difficult for any tall plants to grow, but there is a single tree that creates most of the islands with it's roots

Animals: The animal most suited for this land would be the crocodile. it would also release a new animal, the frog. The frog would be smaller then the other animals (about the size of the seal), but much larger then the pets

Pets: There would a station to adopt a frog

Other attractions: 
Banyan Tree: The single tree that grows in the land. It's ginormous roots create a handful of islands.

Remember the winner was chose by a random number generator so ya.
Hope you enjoyed this contest as much as I did a new contest will come when we reach 40 followers which is just 1 away!!!!!!

Also the art commissions page was updated so check out that.
A proper post will be coming later today so see you later.

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