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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Late again

Hey jammers!
Sorry for the late post again.
I feel like all I do is late posts:( Well atleast it's better than nothing right?
Anyways today we have the returning bean bag toss sold in jam mart furniture for 400 gems!

Picture from AJ spirit.
I always play this at the schools fun fair. It's pretty easy though it may not be the funnest.
Although on aj you can't really do this most games that aren't arcade you can't do its all called "role playing"
Wait I just thought of an Ida make this game into a game at the summer carnival brilliant idea ever!!!!

Violet's drawing

Today I present to you...
Alacazam made by me! 
It may look like a blog but it's not:O it's actually made with a semitrical tool on sketch book.
So you just draw lines and then.
Voila you have alacazam made by me Violet! 
Woah now you can make art for school and just be like I call it Alacazam.
All name credits go to violet86271!

Just a quick reminder.

We still have the party this weekend! 
Hoping all you guys can make it though probably not cause no one and I mean no one ever comes!:(
And for the contest you still have a week basically to enter! I gave like 2 weeks.

We've already have had 3 entries which Is great! 
All jammers will be given a number and winner will be chooses with a random number generator.
Depending on how many people enter there might be 3 place 1,2,3. 
So if you think you got what it takes to design a land I suggest you enter here but please on the contest page:) 
If you've already entered don't worry! Also winner or winners will have there land designs sent to aj! And a rare or two!
That's all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. You are right, late posts, better then nothing! I entered the contest, and I want to say, I will DEFINETLY try to come to the party! I feel bad no one ever comes! Even if I get on later than that, I will STILL visit you AND your den!!!


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