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Friday, February 20, 2015


Hey jammers!!!!
I have 2 things that are super exciting to talk about today!
One thing is about the new mobile app. Its suppose to come out in april and for ios too!
Here is the link.
Who's excited? I know I am eeeeekkk!
My second news is that.
Ajlp will be getting a whole new layout(i think) And template. Some bloggers use this idea today so I thought id try it out :)
And with todays returning item...
The clover blanket! :O Its so fab! And its sold in jam mart clothing for 200 gems. And its nonmember OMG NONMEMBER!
They are always so clovery and comfy compared to the heart blankets which are really not that comfy. Sigh why can't all clothing items be comfy?
Do you like my little pony?
Get it my little pony?
Actually now thats just an insult to my pony. Why am I so mean?
So im gonna be talking randomly today and posting random aj stuff just cause its fun and I did the new item today already!
So lets search random users!
My first user is Sausages
I think she is secretly a sausage. What do you guys think?
Pj are the best.
My little pony
I hate my little pony.
Well thats all i got for today!
Cya later guys!

1 comment:

  1. I happy that the game will be coming out soon but I'm sad the BETA is going. Also, they are going to reset our accounts on it.


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