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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Back scams

Hey jammers! I'm back! Well I would be been back yesterday except you know I couldn't post cause of dance:( But some Wednesday's I do post which makes you guys happy right? 
So today we have 2 new items! First one is a heart tree. Second one is a heart may. Both sold in jam mart furniture! 
As you can see the heart mat is 300 gems and the heart tree is 500 gems:) 
I think the heart mat is super cool and cute though isn't it returning? The heart tree is super cute you can get your own hearts. Awwwwwww☺️😊 Im GONNA buy one!
Goes to jam mart furniture. It's so cute and Perty clicks buy. What?!?!?! NOT ENOUGH GEMS! Goes to mom and crys WAAAAAA WAAAAAAA!!!!!! Oh well! I do have enough gems hehe!

Scammers!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhh wwwwaaaaa I got scammed!
Hey that rymes hehe!
So Todays scammer which will be posted on SWS and JSD is...
Chillywilly0824! Chillllllly willllly! That's actually fun to say. Slaps myself in the face. Come on Violet stay on topic!!! Chilly willy was doing the trust trade scam. Bad chilly willy. Bad girl!
Trust me 54 what does that mean? Hmm!
And that's all friends! And tomorrow we get cupcakes at school for free cause it's cupcake day becuse we reached over the amount of books for the goal and we get a cupcake. And it's also gum day so we get to chew gum. And it's early release day!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! And on Monday its family day!!!!!! Yayayayayay! I don't know what I'm doing on family day. What are you doing on family day?
That's the AJLP news for today!
Have a great rest of your day! Also more posts coming on JSD!!!! Eeeeeeekkkkk!
Do you like my newy signa? Signa that's a coool name!!!! Hehehehehehehehehehe


1 comment:

  1. You get gum day at your school? Lucky! I only get to chew gum in my art class which is my last class of the day.


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